Haley Mills in 'The Parent Trap'

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Haley Mills may be turning 67 today, but most people will remember her as twins Susan and Sharon in The Parent Trap. Watch how this 13-year-old wowed movie goers in the Disney classic.

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    As a kid I didn’t like the Parent Trap, but Hayley Mills in the 1960 film ‘Pollyanna’ was a children’s blockbuster at the time. One of those films you never forget.


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    One of Hayley Mills most memorable (to me) movies, was ‘Whistle Down the Wind”, made when she was still a child star. It was filmed in 1961 in black and white which suited the rather bleak rural Lancashire setting. It’s is very touching story which I still remember with affection. I hope it’s still available on DVD. Hayley’s father was John Mills, a familiar face in earlier British films Will 38



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