Magical musical tour

George Ivan Morrison, or Van Morrison as he is better known, was born in east Belfast in 1945 and released 40 solo albums during his career. After leaving the band, Them, in 1967, his first solo single, Brown-eyed Girl rocketed to the top of the charts.


The Undertones rocked dance floors during the 70s and 80s but shot to fame when BBC Radio 1 DJ, John Peel, played Teenage Kicks in 1977 and The Undertones were the new face of punk, at least for a little while.


Phil Coulter was born in Derry in 1942, and while you may never have heard him sing, you will have heard his songs. As a successful song writer he lays claim to Eurovision winners Puppet on a String sung by Sandie Shaw and Cliff Richard’s Congratulations.

Snowpatrol is a modern export from Northern Ireland. Although originally formed across the water in Scotland, Gary Lightbody and Nathan Connolly both hail from Northern Ireland, and their song, Chasing Cars, is one of the most played songs on commercial radio.


No musical tour of Northern Ireland would be complete without a mention of Sir James Galway. The virtuoso flautist studied at the Paris Conservatoire, before spending 15 years playing with orchestras around the world. Too many to mention are his collaborations so we will let his rendition of The Flight of the Bumblebee say all there is to say. 


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