Powerful men make anti-abuse video

Recent studies have shown that the rate of sexual violence against women in Australia is double the global average. This makes this recent anti-abuse video, made by Hollywood’s leading men, as well as politicians such as Barrack Obama, very relevant to the Australian audience.

Do you think hearing such powerful men speaking out against violence against women will make a difference? In Australia rates of standard violence are up, as well as rates of sexual violence. The Director of the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, Heather Nancarrow, told Pedestrian TV, “As a country we ought to be concerned about the level or the tolerance of violence that exists in our communities that is contributing to all kinds of crimes but particularly crimes against women.”

Does this video make you feel like you could speak out if you had to? Will you be sharing it with the men, young and old, in your life? Or is this an issue that Hollywood just can’t fix?