Six sexiest songs of all time

Have you ever walked on the wild side? Or have you ever had a fever that you just can’t bear? We’ve had a go at naming the sexiest songs of all time. Which ones get you in the mood?

I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl – Nina Simone

It doesn’t get much hotter than Nina Simone’s cover of Bessie Smith’s 1931 blues song Need A Little Sugar in My Bowl. Nina’s version is way less goofy and a whole lot sexier.

Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

Warning: This song has language which may offend some listeners. If you have sensitive ears why don’t skip this one and view the other four sexiest songs of all time?

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Sway – Michael Bublé (cover)

He may not sing the sexiest version of this song ( it’s difficult to go past old Deano’s version), but ‘Boobs’ does a pretty good job of this classic croon.

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Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye

Does this one really need an explanation? If anything, it’s a little too obvious!

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Je t’aime… moi non plus – Serge Gainsbourg

You don’t have to know what Serge is saying to work out what he means. A darn sexy song if ever we’ve heard one.

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Fever – Peggy Lee

Fun fact: Peggy Lee was the first person to cover Little Willie John’s Fever, and when she did, she herself wrote two extra verses, ‘Romeo loved Juliet’ and ‘Captain Smith and Pocahontas”. She was not credited as the writer, and the verses are now thought of as part of the original song.

What’s your favourite sexy song?

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