Top 10 guitar riffs

Get your air guitars at the ready. Listeners to BBC Radio 2 in the UK have voted on the top 109 guitar riffs of all time. One Aussie band made it, can you guess which one?

In case you don’t know, a riff is those instantly recognisable first few chords of a rock song which have you tapping your feet and nodding your head, right before you start leaping around the room with your make-believe guitar in hand.

From a list of 100 guitar riffs, compiled by Radio 2 and 6 DJs, music producers and critics, listeners then voted for their favourites. Did yours make it onto the list below? Why not listen along to the top 10, starting with number 10?

     10. Money – Pink Floyd


     9. You Really Got Me – The Kinks

     8. Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

     7. Down Down – Status Quo

     6. How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths

Click NEXT for the final five best guitar rifts of all time. What do you think will be number one? 

     5. Layla – Dereck and The Dominos

     4. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple

     3. Back in Black – AC/DC

     2. Sweet Child O’Mine – Guns and Roses

     1. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppellin


Written by Debbie McTaggart