Weird insurance claims

The weirdest travel insurance claims of the year. Be thankful they didn’t happen to you

It turns out lost luggage is the least of your worries. Allianz Global Assistance has released its list of the weirdest travel insurance claims of the year. Be thankful they didn’t happen to you with this week’s Friday Funnies.

Georgia of the Jungle
A young traveller was zip-lining through the dense canopy of the Costa Rica rainforest when her brakes failed and she unfortunately flew face first into a tree-trunk. After reviewing her claim against her policy cover, all medical expenses were paid.

Ink Stinks
For many travellers, tattoos are a way of marking memorable experiences, or things close and dear to their heart.  A holidaymaker in Canada thought he would mark his time spent overseas with a tattoo. Unfortunately he suffered a severe allergic reaction to the ointment prescribed and developed an invasive rash. His medical expenses were paid.

Beauty is a Beast
What better way to celebrate the love you have for your newlywed husband than by undergoing a little plastic surgery on your honeymoon.  A newlywed couple headed to Thailand where the new bride elected to undergo liposuction. She reacted adversely to the procedure and incurred extensive medical expenses for hospitalisation. Her claim was rejected as liposuction is an elective surgery and not a medical emergency.

Deadly Snakebite
A tourist in South Africa’s Kruger National Park was bitten by a Mozambique Cobra snake; one of the most venomous snakes in the world. This particular snake carries cytotoxic venom which destroys tissues and blood cells. Thankfully, the victim survived and his medical and cancellation costs were paid.

Lip Glass
A tourist at a supermarket in Italy was packing her car with glass drinking bottles. A bottle slipped onto the cement and the glass ricocheted up and flew onto her lips. Fortunately for her, her medical expenses were covered.

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    10th Aug 2012
    Spruiking for Allianz Insurance now are we?
    11th Aug 2012
    Friends of mine had a large Goanna enter their home and on trying to get it out it wrecked many of their curtains and damaged a lot of furniture etc--
    11th Aug 2012
    To catch a goanna you grab it behind the front legs, around the upper body. I've done it twice: yes you have to be very fast. Another way is to stand behind it and it will walk in the direction you guide it with your feet; it won't hurt you. Your friends must have really frightened the poor goanna!
    12th Aug 2012
    Yes well it was inside when they were out side and they never had clue it was in there--they both got a fright and thats when the Goanna climbed up the curtains etc
    7th Sep 2012
    where did anna go ???

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