Where were you in ’62?

George Lucas, best known for his Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, turns 71 today.

Where were you in ’62?

Highly acclaimed director George Lucas turns 71 today. He may be best known for creating two of the most popular film franchises of all time – Star Wars and Indiana Jones – but his first claim to fame is his coming-of-age film American Graffiti, set in 1962. So, why not tell us "where were you in ‘62"?


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    14th May 2015
    Living American Graffiti right here in Sydney....The" Beefies" outlet on Taverner's Hill ...and yes we had car hoons back then, we just called them something else.....ahhhh can't remember what. Give me a break I'm officially an old chook. Some serious drag racing went on at the old, then defunct, Bunnerong Powerstation out near what is now Port Botany, or the "Brickies" at Homebush or chowing down on the best hamburgers in Sydney at the Colonial Diner at Moore Park or snuggling up at Matraville Drive In or taking in the action at the Sydney Showground Speedway on a summer Saturday night....still a bit of a petrol head today......those were the days ! Happy Days?.....definitely - and simpler. Jules
    14th May 2015
    Praparing to get married in June to my wonderful husband of 53 years!
    Yes, 1962 was a special year for us.
    14th May 2015
    Finished high school in Southern California (Long Beach) and started uni at Berkeley in 1961. In '62 I was learning how to mix studying with parties. Drove a '57 Ford with a big V8, dated girls with ponytails, went to coffee houses near the campus and tried to act grown-up. 'American Graffiti' outlined the kind of life in the valley those of us on the coast would've thought of as dull and narrow, but we had our Hody's drive-in, drag races in the flood control channels of L.A., and we also had the threat of the Vietnam war and accompanying conscription (the 'Draft') hanging over our heads. But all in all the sixties were a great time in Califonia. We were lucky to have them and have lots of happy memories that kids today will never know.
    14th May 2015
    1962...With the benefit of hindsight it must be said they were goods years. We were all employed; I don't recall hearing anything about the dole or drugs even though my 21 year old husband and I (a little younger) had a motor bike and hung out with so called 'bikies'. Our idea of a good Saturday night out was Tracey's Speedway, sharing a bottle(1) of beer and then burgers at Sam's Coffee Pot. Sometimes it was a paddock on the suburban fringe where music was played loudly and some people drank too much. At times a police raid would take place and I never discovered why. It all appeared quite innocent to me. We all enjoyed the drive-in theatres - usually in a car and maybe a beer or two. We lived with my mum and barely saw her as she worked two jobs as a book-keeper etc (before computers.) At that time women doing the same job as a man received only half the pay. Most women stayed at home to care for their homes and families. (Unfortunate if one happened to be a single mother because a husband had died.) This was also the time when a child born out of wedlock was a terrible scandal and the parents of the mother-to-be sent her away to 'stay with her aunt in Sydney, Perth, wherever' and eventually returned without a child - never again to be mentioned.
    Yes there were hoons in cars; in fact most of us may have experienced some hooning. It didn't seem as serious as it does now. The road rules were not so stringent. A little speeding was a way of life. Unheard of was 'political correctness '. The news was not all about bashings and murders on a daily basis. It's difficult to say whether life was better then than now. We seem to grow into new ways and become accustomed to them. Our lives were more innocent and peaceful.
    Does anyone else wonder whether or not multiculturalism has brought with it the violence experienced in some other parts of the world?
    Is that a politically incorrect question and is one permitted to ask it?

    JULES... I believe you may be right about 'those were the days my friend' and we thought they'd never end!!!
    14th May 2015
    Working in Air Traffic Control RAF Changi Singapore, loved the night shift so I could explore the Island, lovely days
    14th May 2015
    Having my first motor race in my new Morgan +4.
    14th May 2015
    :Living in a place called Wexcombe, where we lived in Nissan huts (Army huts) which Railway workers lived in, and now the name longer exists as they pulled down the huts (and few weatherboard houses), re-designed the area for rental and ownership of homes and now is a large outer suburb of Perth. in 1962 I was married with one child, expecting the second (finished up having 4) and only 20 years old late in the year. Lucky for me still have the wonderful man after almost 54 years!! Try not to 'be old' even though supposed to be (according to the 50 year old children - 3 of them!) No time to slow down, just like back then in '62!
    Lots of fun times, no great wages or worries (could leave our doors unlocked!) and enjoyed simple things of life.
    15th May 2015
    Going to school
    15th May 2015
    I was still at primary school in a little country town called Marmor.
    15th May 2015
    In the UK Merchant Navy as a "Middy" (Deck Officer Apprentice) going down the West Coast of Africa.
    1st Jun 2015
    Was in a interesting situation in 1962. Was a member of a small RAAF holding Force, positioned in North East Thailand ( Ubon ) against Communist infilteration of North East Thailand. A hot and sweaty spot housed under canvas and abounding with snakes (particularly Kraits) and Scorpions. Happy Days.

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