Evidence that older people could be living the dream

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Older people are happier! Don’t believe us? Psychologist Laura Carstensen, the director of Stanford Centre on Longevity, and an expert in wellbeing and ageing, proves it.

As the population ages and we live longer lives than any generation before, Laura shows us evidence that older people could be the ones living the dream. Less stress means high rates of contentment, positivity and happiness.

Is it the age or simply the best generation yet? What skills do the older generation possess that others don’t? Are these really the ‘golden years’?

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    Means nothing if you are not happy yourself… working arses off (shift work 12 hour shifts, night & day & every second weekend) til we die older than prev generations & no hope of getting hold of our own super money til later & later or an old age pension hopes dashed until we are older & older, governments changing rules/goal posts constantly, how does that make anyone happier? Might work for some like Laura Carstensen & some lucky ones but not for me.

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    Unless you are in a Nursing Home – some are better than others, but when you know how short staffed and no Registered Nurses present, chicken nuggets and chips for lunch, having to be fed, showered at the crack of dawn and then ‘parked’ in chairs with LOUD TVs – I have not seen too many oldies very happy.

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    The happiest fellow I have met this year is 97 and going strong in modest circumstance. Happier than a happy gathering of Buddhists and another of meditators. Happier than a mass of students, even than a throng of kids at dance and happier than a handful of millionaires.

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    One of the reasons is that we have a great pension system and no one is left wanting in their golden years

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      Most of us paid our taxes and don’t see much sensible spending from it. Most have put money into Super long before it became compulsory We can’t withdraw any of it early unless we can prove financial hardship and fill in a lot of forms. Good luck getting it if you become disabled and are no longer to work too. I know somebody who applied in them middle of last year and has had to go to court with medical examination reports to get funds released. Funds were due to released no later than February, it may be July now.

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    The older generation is happy because they have learned not to believe all the “must have” advertising and are prepared to be content with what they have. If I have managed without out it for 90 years, why buy it now?



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