The Wikipedia game

Wikipedia has become the go-to online encyclopedia, but did you know it has also become one of the internet’s most popular games? In The Wiki Game you have to get from a starting page to a target page by clicking links, and you play against thousands of other people. Are you game?

There are five versions of The Wiki Game, but the basic concept is the same with each of them. You are given a starting page on Wikipedia (such as ‘Emperor Penguins’) and you must then reach a predetermined target page (such as ‘Chewing gum’) by clicking through links on Wikipedia. In the variations you must either do this as quickly as possible, with as few clicks as possible, in exactly six steps, without using ‘United States’ as a link, or by reaching the page ‘Jesus’ in five clicks or fewer.

To play, visit The Wiki Game website and bring your A-game

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