Things that always happen between Christmas and New Year

Some call it Twixmas, the Norwegians call it Romjul, but the long, purposeless period of time, which you mostly spend on the sofa coping with Christmas comedown, is the weirdest time of year.

As the tree starts to shed its needles and look a bit sad, you too might feel slightly the worse for wear as your Christmas (food and drink) hangover kicks in and you realise, maybe, there is such as thing as too much TV.

Unless you’re unlucky enough to have to work during the limbo period, here are some things that will definitely happen before it’s time to don your sparkly attire and pop the champagne to bring in the New Year.

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1. You literally don’t know what to do with yourself
At first, putting on Home Alone and surrounding yourself with Christmas chocolate while wearing your new PJs is absolute bliss. But two or three days in and you’ve lost all sense of purpose, often just going to the fridge for more leftovers for something to do.

2. You’ll have a cheese board after every meal
Breakfast, chocolate, cheese; lunch, more cheese… you get the idea. Immediately after Christmas is the only time it’s socially acceptable to eat chunks of brie, Stilton and Wensleydale at random intervals of the day, all day. No-one likes waste.

3. Time ceases to exist

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Is 10am too early for a Baileys? Is 11am too early to begin a Netflix marathon? Nope. No-one knows what day it is and time doesn’t really exist. It’s like a Sunday with no structure that lasts for five days.

4. You deliberate over going for a walk
Well, you’ll toy with the idea until it’s 8pm and too late. There’s always tomorrow …

5. You’ll nap frequently, even though you definitely don’t need one

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You may be lying in until mid-morning but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel the need for a mid-afternoon slumber. Blame it on the sugar crashes.

6. You’ll feel guilty
You may work hard all year – and probably deserve a break – but all that indulging and lazing around can leave a little bit of ‘Shouldn’t I be volunteering at a soup kitchen?’ kind of guilt. Remember your mind and body probably need the break, you can put those good intentions into action in 2021.

7. You’ll hate social media
Languishing in your pyjamas at 2pm after eating leftover Christmas dessert is not a good time to check Instagram. There will be Christmas Day proposals, show off “the boy did good” present pictures, and #BoxingDay10k running posts. Do yourself a favour and don’t look.

8. You’ll write some overly ambitious New Year’s resolutions
In the midst of your food coma, you’ll make some rash decisions. You’ll definitely, definitely get really healthy, and look like a fitness model by February. You’ll learn a new language in 2021, become an amazing cook AND do all those DIY jobs you’ve been promising to do for years. These resolutions will have probably been amended ever so slightly by the end of January.

9. You’ll wish you’d had more time

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As New Year’s Day approaches you suddenly realise you’ve wasted so much time. You could have started that novel or learnt how to knit and completed a jumper. Oh the regrets!

What do you traditionally do this week? Will you get a head start on your resolutions or just enjoy yourself?

– With PA

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