Gerard Butler’s incredible NYC loft

In a rare occurrence, one actor has given us a sneak peek into the space he calls home.

Gerard Butler’s incredible NYC loft

Ever wondered how the ‘other’ half live? Well in a rare occurrence, one actor has given us a sneak peek into lifestyles of the rich and the famous.

Just as extravagant as you’d expect, Gerard Butler’s new NYC loft is truly one of a kind. Created in conjunction with production designer Elvis Restaino, the space took four years to renovate and personalise. And with a background in building commercial sets for television shows, movies and restaurants, Restaino’s results do not disappoint.

Inspired by sights seen in salvage yards, Butler and Restaino sought after dilapidated objects that they could reclaim, restore and mould into their vision. Previously a white gallery, the duo completely remodelled the space for Butler to make it masculine and rustic in line with the rugged personality of the actor.

Why not take a look at the pictures and tell us what you think? Do you like what the duo have done with the design?

You can read more at Forbes Life.


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    15th Aug 2015
    Ick! Looks uncomfortable to me (sorry, Gerard)
    15th Aug 2015
    Doesn't have a 'homey' fee' about it. And those dining chairs most uncomfortable; no not for me!
    15th Aug 2015
    Totally agree, looks uncomfortable, cold and a bit of a mismatch.
    15th Aug 2015
    How do you keep a place like that clean?
    Its so dark and foreboding I would have bad dreams at night!
    15th Aug 2015
    I think he is still in the realms of "The Phantom of the Opera".
    15th Aug 2015
    Too much money, too little taste.
    Dollars over Respect?
    15th Aug 2015
    In a word: "NO!" What an expensive 'mistake' I'd say! I can smell the mould.

    Well, easy come, easy go - so no aching financial loss for Gerard regardless (however, I guess he did learn a big lesson here)!
    16th Aug 2015
    Well, I like it. It reminds me of the interior of an old Scottish Highland castle. Probably Gerard wanted to bring a bit of his homeland with him. Nothing wrong with that when he's so far from home.

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