Government centrelink seniors card pension veteran affairsWelcome to the YourLifeChoices Government page. Here you will find information and resources on the various services provided by state, territory and federal governments through the departments of Social Services, Health and Veterans’ Affairs. On these pages we feature the ‘need to know’ shortcuts to relevant government departments, what they can offer you or your family and how to claim your Seniors Card when you qualify.

Visit our Pension page for the latest changes or pension increases. Our Centrelink page has a wealth of information on the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension and how to claim your pension overseas. We regularly update our Centrelink page with questions from subscribers, answered by Centrelink, so you can easily find the information you need.

Tony Abbott’s ultimate pub test

Tony Abbott publishes his five-point plan for re-election

Tony Abbott’s ultimate pub test

Tony Abbott has spoken with hundreds of Australians during his ‘ultimate pub test’.

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How much was Mr Shepherd paid?

How much was Tony Shepherd paid for chairing Commission of Audit?

How much was Mr Shepherd paid?

How much was Tony Shepherd paid his work on the Commission of Audit?

Senators vote down pay freeze

Senators have voted down a motion to freeze their pay

Senators vote down pay freeze

All but six of 75 senators have voted down a motion to freeze their pay.

PM considers gambling ad reforms

Are those annoying gambling ads about to disappear?

PM considers gambling ad reforms

In exchange for relaxed media ownership laws, PM negotiates on gambling ads.

ATO stalking your social media

The Australian Tax Office is stalking your Facebook posts

ATO stalking your social media

Government departments, such as the ATO, are looking at your social media posts.

Senator Abetz joins the queue

Liberal Senators speak out against Centrelink robo-debt system

Senator Abetz joins the queue

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz says Centrelink system has “let down the Australian people”.

Coalition dumped in opinion polls

Public opinion expresses disgust at, and distrust of, the Government

Coalition dumped in opinion polls

The Government is seriously slipping in public opinion polls.


Centrelink still 'threatening' clients

Centrelink is in the hot seat again, for sending ‘threatening’ letters to vulnerable clients.

Here we go again …

Can I get an Age Pension?

Should Francine apply for an Age Pension, even though her husband works?

Is it worth it?

Centrelink and offset accounts

Graham wants to know how Centrelink assesses offset accounts.

Centrelink Q&A


Medicare scare prompts review

The Government launches an independent review into Medicare accessibility.

Security worry

Are your Medicare details for sale?

A popular site for illegal products offers Medicare details for $30.

Dark days

Medicare rebate freeze to be lifted

The Turnbull Government appears set to unwind the Medicare rebate freeze.

At what cost?

Seniors Card

Interstate transport concessions explained

If you divide your time between two states, where can you receive transport concessions?

Saving on travelling fares

Seniors Card explained

Are you eligible for a Seniors Card?

Are you eligible?

Seniors Card – who can get one?

Eligibility for a Seniors Card varies depending in which state or territory you reside. So if you’re 60 years or over, it may be worthwhile checking if you can apply for a Seniors Card. Australian Capital Territory In the Australian Capital Territory, to be eligible ...

Am I eligible?

Federal Government

Scrapping energy subsidy a shock tactic

ACOSS: abolishing the energy supplement would be akin to human rights abuse.

Block the bill

Fixed four-year terms on the cards

Pollies investigating ways to make it harder to give them the boot.

A cynical move?

YLC takes your views to Canberra

Recently, we asked your thoughts on tax and now you will be heard.

Your voice will be heard

State Government

‘Bill shock’ for solar customers

Customers to face power bill shock as Government incentive schemes expire.

Solar bills set to surge

Taxi subsidy schemes

If you can’t access public transport then you may be entitled to a taxi subsidy.

Help with taxi fares

Free transport alternative to driving

Free public transport for pensioners may make not driving more appealing.

Free public transport for pensioners

Veterans’ Affairs

Supporting veterans

The Government has allocated additional funding for mental health programs for veterans.

ANZAC Centenary

Veteran’s service goes online

Accessing support services and providing information online is a time saving way to deal with large organisations.

Find out more

Veterans Organisations and Web Sites

Find information about Veterans Organisations.

Get more information


Low Income Health Care Card

You may qualify for a Low Income Health Care Card if your income falls below the qualifying limits.

Do you qualify?

Pension increases – 20 March 2017

How much more Age Pension will you receive?

How much will you get?

One third of over 60s in poverty

Australia has a poverty rate of 33 per cent for those over 60.

Alarming figures


Seniors Card explained

Are you eligible for a Seniors Card?

Are you eligible?

Tudge: welfare dependency “poison”

Alan Tudge labels Australia’s social security system as “poison” for the unemployed.

Tudge fudging again

Coalition attacks Labor over NDIS

Coalition attacks Labor for not backing a universal Medicare levy hike to fund the NDIS.

NDIS controversy

Federal Budget

You’re paying for return to surplus

Parliamentary Budget Office report shows that the nation’s tax burden is now on you.

The burden is now yours

Government backs off backpacker tax

The Government backflips on its plans for a 32.5 per cent tax on backpacker workers.

Backpacker tax backflip

Bill’s Budget reply

Bill Shorten has given his response to Joe Hockey’s 2015/16 Budget, with education, small business, infrastructure and science ranking as his cornerstones for building a secure future for Australia. If you missed his response, you can watch it here.

Do you agree?

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