Government centrelink seniors card pension veteran affairsWelcome to the YourLifeChoices Government page. Here you will find information and resources on the various services provided by state, territory and federal governments through the departments of Social Services, Health and Veterans’ Affairs. On these pages we feature the ‘need to know’ shortcuts to relevant government departments, what they can offer you or your family and how to claim your Seniors Card when you qualify.

Visit our Pension page for the latest changes or pension increases. Our Centrelink page has a wealth of information on the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension and how to claim your pension overseas. We regularly update our Centrelink page with questions from subscribers, answered by Centrelink, so you can easily find the information you need.

Taking a break from aged care

Can you take a break from aged care?

Taking a break from aged care

What are your rights when pulling a loved one out of residential aged care?

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What is a government bond?

What is a government bond? How do they work?

What is a government bond?

Even bond traders find it hard to get a handle on what bonds are.

Deadly tax sins the ATO won’t tolerate

Seven deadly tax sins that could sink your hopes of a return

Deadly tax sins the ATO won’t tolerate

Tax time can be painful or highly anticipated. Dr Adrian Raftery outlines the traps and ...

How to search for lost money

How to search for lost money – that you didn’t know was lost

How to search for lost money

Are you sure you’ve kept track of all your finances? Should you check?

How will land tax affect retirees?

Land taxes may be coming, what will it mean for retirees?

How will land tax affect retirees?

Victoria and NSW are considering scrapping stamp duty in favour of land taxes.

ATO crackdown on COVID payments

Businessman study report using a magnifying glass

ATO crackdown on COVID payments

The tax office is zeroing in on fraud schemes taking advantage of stimulus packages.

Lockdown threat for Victorian hot spots

Picnic area closed due to Coronavirus

Lockdown threat for Victorian hot spots

Victoria’s coronavirus spike raises the prospect of local lockdowns.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Renting out a room

Mark wants to know what expenses he can offset against the income from leasing a room.

Allowable expenses

Continuing to make super contributions

Lurelle is approaching pension age and wants to know about the pension while working.

Work test explained

How does Centrelink value land?

Ron is purchasing a big property but thinks it might make him ineligible for the pension.

How is land valued?


Health insurance in ‘death spiral’

NIB boss wants Medicare abolished.

Crisis time

Medicare rebate freeze explained

Labor promises to end freeze within 50 days if it is elected.

Key to better healthcare?

Medicare to benefit

It seems that a healthy economy means big health spending.

Healthy budget

Seniors Card

What counts as income?

Vicki and Mark want to know if they are eligible for the CSHC.

Eligibility concern

Health card may be key to $750 payment

Check your eligibility to ensure you don’t inadvertently miss out on stimulus.

Eligibility explained

Which card do you qualify for?

Bernadette is over pension age but still working. Does she qualify for concessions?

Concession concern

Federal Government

Sombre outlook for post-COVID Australia

Josh Frydenberg has painted a sombre picture of the outlook for the Australian economy.

Bleak times

Allowing industries to disappear

Theo R. reflects on why Australia was a much better country in 1966.

Tougher times

Can citizen test really assess ‘values’?

Government plans to revamp citizenship test with questions on ‘Australian values'.

What’s changing?

State Government

Strong support for restrictions

Despite some politicians claiming otherwise, there is strong support for stage four lockdown.

Support for lockdown

Age-friendly ACT plan

Canberra announces a plan aimed at keeping older Australians employed.

Age-friendly plan

Victoria passes assisted dying laws

Dying with dignity laws to be in full effect in Victoria by June 2019.

Vics lead the way

Veterans’ Affairs

Three generations brought together

An Anzac Day-inspired journey to Amiens Cathedral – to honour, to grieve, to understand.

From the heart

Outrage at veterans’ compensation

Calls for Government to address inequity in compensation payments to veterans.

Looking after veterans

Supporting veterans

The Government has allocated additional funding for mental health programs for veterans.

ANZAC Centenary


Were pensioners unfairly denied pay rise?

Living costs dropped for most, but did they drop for older Australians?

Outlook for next review

Spike in demand for help with pensions

But Services Australia says processing goals are met 80 per cent of the time.

What you said

How long to process applications?

How long will it take for my Age Pension application to be processed?

How long do I wait?


HECS-style plan for home care

The former PM has a plan to keep older Australians at home for longer.

Home care, HECS-style

Former PM slams COVID strategy

Former prime minister Tony Abbott calls for COVID rules to be relaxed in Australia.

Run the risk

Aged care action plan

Nursing union calls for urgent action as deaths related to aged care continue to grow.

Aged care action plan

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