$2 million Centrelink fraud

A Queensland woman went on a spending spree with $2 million of Centrelink’s money

Many of us dream about checking our bank account only to find a large amount of money has been deposited. This is exactly what happened to a Queensland woman who then went on a spending spree with $2 million of Centrelink’s money.

Judy Lorbek was due to receive a one-off payment of $2000 from Centrelink in February this year, but an administrative error saw this figure multiplied a 1000 times and $2 million ended up in her account.  Rather than contact Centrelink to advise of this error, Ms Lorbek is said to have paid off her mortgage, renovated her house and taken a holiday.

None of Ms Lorbek’s family questioned her as to where the money had come from, assuming it was the result of a win or a payment from her millionaire ex-husband. Ms Lorbek was arrested while holidaying in Sydney and has been charged with the theft of $2,019,052.83 from the Commonwealth Department of Human Services child support program. After pleading guilty at a Brisbane Magistrates Court hearing, Ms Lorbek was released on a $400,000 surety and may face up to 10 years in jail once sentenced.

Read the full story at The Queensland Times


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    31st Aug 2012
    Goes to show us, Do not steal! (The government hates competition)
    31st Aug 2012
    Thai Traveller
    31st Aug 2012
    Repayments at $50.00 a fortnight maybe??
    1st Sep 2012
    I can not feel at all sorry for this silly woman--she knew it was not hers but she went ahead and spent it anyway--this is stealing.
    1st Sep 2012
    Kino how true!
    1st Sep 2012
    “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference!” —Harry Truman
    3rd Sep 2012
    The system amuses me just a bit. I know somebody who got caught about 25 Years ago, but only a few thousand dollars, not millions. Serves them right they got caught though !!!
    Yes they were gaoled and had to pay it back -- they deducted some each fortnight from their pension after they were released. They worked in the prison instead of sitting on their bottoms all day and earnt themselves a little spending money. What annoyed me was the fact that they didn't give them a chance to make arrangements re care for their school age children. A relative temporarily moved in with them and was paid some what was then child endowment but it wasn't enough for basic food, mininum gas for cooking and showering, only essential electricity and water, and bus fares to school. High School is a long way from their house, too far to walk.
    5th Sep 2012
    What happened to the rule that one could not be punished twice for the same crime? How could a person be sentenced to gaol and have to repay the money as well? Unfair system, I say.

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