$2 million Centrelink fraud

Many of us dream about checking our bank account only to find a large amount of money has been deposited. This is exactly what happened to a Queensland woman who then went on a spending spree with $2 million of Centrelink’s money.

Judy Lorbek was due to receive a one-off payment of $2000 from Centrelink in February this year, but an administrative error saw this figure multiplied a 1000 times and $2 million ended up in her account.  Rather than contact Centrelink to advise of this error, Ms Lorbek is said to have paid off her mortgage, renovated her house and taken a holiday.

None of Ms Lorbek’s family questioned her as to where the money had come from, assuming it was the result of a win or a payment from her millionaire ex-husband. Ms Lorbek was arrested while holidaying in Sydney and has been charged with the theft of $2,019,052.83 from the Commonwealth Department of Human Services child support program. After pleading guilty at a Brisbane Magistrates Court hearing, Ms Lorbek was released on a $400,000 surety and may face up to 10 years in jail once sentenced.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart