27th Feb 2012
Advising Centrelink of temporary absence
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YOURLifeChoices subscriber Mary is lucky enough to be heading off on a cruise for two weeks, but is unsure if this temporary absence warrants a call to Centrelink.

Q. Mary
We are going on a New Zealand cruise for two weeks, leaving on the 15th March. As we both receive a part Age Pension, do we have to let Centrelink know?

While two weeks may not seem like a long time, it's well worth keeping Centrelink in the know. Should Centrelink try to contact you for any reason while you're away, and does not receive a response from you, it could stop your payments. A quick call to Centrelink would be prudent. You can contact Centrelink on 13 23 00.


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    4th Mar 2012
    I'm lucky to travel quite a lot, overseas about once a year. It is a definite requirement that you notify Centrelink before any overseas travel - it's listed on the sheet of mandatory "what you must tell us" that arrives with your statements. By phone - it can't be done online. No problems & they always wish you a pleasant trip, but important, as these days records are cross-referenced with Dept. Immigration, etc. if there may be a query. You used to have to remember to call them when you return, but this is no longer the case! No problems with payments for travel up to 3 months away.
    4th Mar 2012
    I too am fortunate to be able to travel overseas on a regular annual basis but was not aware it is no longer necessary to advise Centrelink of having returned. Having advised them on a vis-a-vis meeting mid January of my return I am surprised they did not mention this. I'd better check!
    5th Mar 2012
    Michael - I travelled last October & in the phone conversation (or it may have been the previous year - time flies!) I said that I must put in a diary reminder to phone again when I returned - she said then, that it is no longer necessary & we talked about Dept. Immigration & other cross-referencing available these days, not so easily available to them last century (ie. 12 years ago). Just check about that when you next advise of o/s travel.
    5th Mar 2012
    We are also fortunate enough to be able to travel overseas and this time we are to be away for 3mths and 3days and on enquiring were told we can be away for up to 6mths without it affecting our payments. We are also under the impression that we have to call when we return to inform centre link of our re-entry . I find that often one person tells us one thing and then next time we ring they say something else so always cover all our bases just to make sure.
    5th Mar 2012
    Sounds like you're doing this year's World Cruise??
    5th Mar 2012
    Had the same thought Helen...... what an adventure!!!
    5th Mar 2012
    We are about to head off in our RV and were wondering if we can receive any rental support while travelling. We will endeavour to find work but we are 64 and 70 and that is not always available.
    31st Aug 2016
    I cannot believe what I just read.
    The grey nomads of this country are bleeding the welfare system dry if Centrelink allows this.

    Just be thankful you are both able to enjoy the trip.
    5th Mar 2012
    Hi Helen I wish it were the World Cruise but it's just a trip to spend time with 90 yr old mother-in-law and some other family.
    6th Mar 2012
    Wonderful opportunity, Sweets. Enjoy your precious family time.
    5th Mar 2012
    My partner (80yr old) and myself (68) would like to take our RV away for 6 months or more and have a look at this great country of ours. Does anyone know the Centrelink requirements for this? Will it affect our payments and do we have to report to them every stop we make. We don't want to ask for rental assistance but at the same time, do not want to lose any of our benefits.
    5th Mar 2012
    I think so long as you don't leave the country you shouldn't have a problem we toured last year without a problem. Have a great carefree trip
    Debbie McTaggart
    5th Mar 2012
    For those hitting the road in their RV, you might wish to read this article:
    6th Mar 2012
    Thanks Debbie that was most helpful.
    20th Mar 2012
    Mary we travelled to New Zealand last year and were advised by Centrelink to notify then when our depature was and ALSO to make contact on our return.
    7th Apr 2012
    Phoned Centrelink to advise that we were travelling to Europe five weeks before the departure and was told that I would have to go to a Centrelink office to do this or wait until two weeks before to do so by phone. Was also advised to get any medications needed before we left as concession card becomes invalid, also you MUST advise the office on your return.
    Pam S
    31st Aug 2016
    I suffer from epilepsy and have many absences in a day do I have to report that, now where were we:)

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