Annual Carers’ Supplement

Will the Carer’s Supplement be paid this year and if so, when?

Annual Carers’ Supplement

Paula is wondering if and when the annual Carer’s Supplement will be paid this year. With many people anticipating receiving the $600, Debbie has the details.

Q. Paula

Each year I have been receiving a payment of $600 as a carer and have come to rely on this money to replace some things around the home. With all the changes and cuts announced in the recent budget, I’m just wondering if it will be taken off us this year? If it’s still being paid, when can I expect to receive it?

A. The Carer’s Supplement is an ongoing, non-indexed payment of $600, paid to those in receipt of a qualifying payment on 1 July each year. Currently, the qualifying payments are:

  • Carer Allowance
  • Carer Payment
  • Wife Pension with Carer Allowance (you can no longer make a new claim for Wife Pension)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Partner Service Pension with Carer Allowance
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Carer Service Pension

You do not have to apply for the payment, it will be deposited directly into the bank accounts of eligible recipients, on or shortly after, 1 July 2014. Recent changes mean that even if your eligible payment has been reduced to nil because of earnings, you will now receive the $600.

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    24th Jun 2014
    Well that seemed to half answer itself ! and for further Information contact Inhumane Services..
    They took away the Apprentices tool allowance because SOME Bought Mag Wheels with it ??
    Mag Wheels are Tools ! They keep Your Axles off the Road !!..
    They give politicians Electoral and postage Allowance ! And what do they do with it ?? They Buy Cigars !!... The Tools !!
    Polly Esther
    24th Jun 2014
    I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to spend this ''allowance'' on drugs and the good times.
    24th Jun 2014
    ..Doc.. You can if Your the Kings Best Mate !!
    24th Jun 2014
    The Flying Doctor,
    My son did not spend his tool allowance on drugs or anything illegal, he spent it on tools to further his career choicehe can show receipts to prove this if you so wish, and please DO NOT ASSUME hat those who are in receipt of assistance are all drug addics or fools, maybe you should not throw stones until you are sure that you do not live in a glass house. He is on a very low wage as an apprentice (he took this on as a mature age person after many years of working in a very pyshically challenging but well paid job, so that he had a future to fall back on), he has paid off all of his debts before starting the apprenticeship and had huge layouts for his tools, and still has many more to get yet. So go take a look in the mirror.
    24th Jun 2014
    Mitch I'm real sure, but I think he might have been talking about the Pollies ???
    25th Jun 2014
    Debbie has any one bothered to find out if tony abbot got an allowance when at uni ? if so did he ever pay it back .interesting.
    25th Jun 2014
    Yes !! He received a Stupidity Allowance, I think ?? And I don't think He has ever Repaid it ??
    25th Jun 2014
    PS.. And Please use Capital Letters for Glorious Leaders Name in Future here in the Peoples RePUBlic of Australia !!

    25th Jun 2014
    I need a carers payment, as I have trouble looking after myself.
    25th Jun 2014
    Tags are available at The Dog Pound here ! AFTER Payment !!
    4th Jul 2014
    If you have a current Wifes Pension because you are under the Age Pension and your husband is receiving the Age Pension, will you lose it if he dies?
    4th Jul 2014
    Bonesy... I have actually seen that happen to a Friend.. What Arrogant Cruel .. %*^@#(%@ They are and not Human !!!
    15th Jul 2014
    I'm on a DSP pension and I did once receive a $600 bonus (2012?) but it was just Julia attempting to butter us up to be re-elected.
    Not Senile Yet!
    25th Aug 2016
    Just as they name call the unemployed as dole bludgers.....most do not realise that if 500 apply for 100 jobs.....the 400 that miss out are Dole Bludgers!!! REALLY???
    The Government applies it's View of the 10% that are Bludging as meaning the 90% that simply do not have jobs to apply for or only have one chance in 5 each time they the 4 that miss out simply are bludging......Not Fair!!!
    The other Point of View is that out of the 10% who are so-called Bludging 5% are Unemployable and cannot receive Funding or assistance to become employable whilst the Real figure of 5% that are just Bludging ALL have personal issues/problems that require intensive assistance......but never get it because their is NO Budget allowance to assist they are Unemployable/Not trained....and never will be!
    Yep! The 90% that are trying are just labelled and pidgeon holed as Bludgers......according to the Government Propaganda!!!!
    This denies the Reality of Education funding being Cut.....for programs to assist.....every time The Politicians Blow BLOW THE BUDGET!!!
    What a Farce the Party Puppets ARE!!!
    25th Aug 2016
    Yes !! :-( And I heard it again this morning out of one of the Entitled ! What Arrogant P****s they are !! :-( :-( :-(

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