Annual Carers’ Supplement

Paula is wondering if and when the annual Carer’s Supplement will be paid this year. With many people anticipating receiving the $600, Debbie has the details.

Q. Paula

Each year I have been receiving a payment of $600 as a carer and have come to rely on this money to replace some things around the home. With all the changes and cuts announced in the recent budget, I’m just wondering if it will be taken off us this year? If it’s still being paid, when can I expect to receive it?

A. The Carer’s Supplement is an ongoing, non-indexed payment of $600, paid to those in receipt of a qualifying payment on 1 July each year. Currently, the qualifying payments are:

  • Carer Allowance
  • Carer Payment
  • Wife Pension with Carer Allowance (you can no longer make a new claim for Wife Pension)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Partner Service Pension with Carer Allowance
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Carer Service Pension

You do not have to apply for the payment, it will be deposited directly into the bank accounts of eligible recipients, on or shortly after, 1 July 2014. Recent changes mean that even if your eligible payment has been reduced to nil because of earnings, you will now receive the $600.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart