Available concessions

Concessions available to Pension Card holders vary between states and territories making it difficult to give a definitive answer to YOURLifeChoices subscriber queries.

Q. Valerie
Are you able to advise me re about obtaining a travel discount? My son aged 50 is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. He has been forced into early retirement; he is unable to drive because of his health. I know of 60 year olds who have retired with good income who have a seniors travel pass. Is there any help for my son?

A. Valerie, some State and Territory Governments and local councils may offer concessions to Centrelink customers, including for public transport costs, as well as energy and electricity bills, health care, dental and eye care, and water rates.

Concessional entitlements vary between states and territories. For example, taxi vouchers are available in NSW for those with a qualifying disability. To find out which concessions your son may be entitled to, click on your state or territory below.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart