Carer bonus payments

YOURLifeChoices member Waren would like to know if he will be receiving a carer bonus payment this year.

Q. Waren
Is there a bonus payment this year for pensioners who are carers and if so, how much and when please?

A. Carer Supplements will be paid in July this year and are as follows: 

  • those on the Carer Pension will receive $600 with their first regular payment after 1 July
  • those on the Carer Allowance will receive $600 for each eligible person in their care, with their first regular payment after 1 July

If you receive both the Carer Pension and the Carer Allowance, you will receive $1200 if you care for one eligible person, $1800 if you care for two eligible people, etc.

It should also be noted that from 1 July 2013, carers whose payments have been reduced to nil because of income, can now qualify for the Carer Supplement.  To find out more about the Carer Supplement, visit

Written by Debbie McTaggart