What will I get if I marry?

YOURLifeChoices member Lee is worried that if she chooses to marry, she will lose all her Centrelink benefits. Will she be entitled to any payments?


Q. Lee

I am on a Widow’s Allowance and I have been going out with a man for the past four years who is on a Disability Pension. We don’t live together.  Now if we decided to marry I know I would have to give up my Widow’s Allowance, but would I be able to get any Centrelink benefits? We are both in our early 60s.


A.Making the decision to get married is a complicated one, especially when your finances can be so greatly affected by doing so.


I am unsure of your working position or the security of your partner’s disability, but if you are to take on the role of carer, then you may be entitled to the Carer Payment. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria by visiting HumanServices.gov.au. 


If you do not qualify for the Carer Payment, then you may qualify for Newstart Allowance. You will need to meet the activity-test requirements, but as you are over 55, this can include volunteering. Find out if you may be eligible for the Newstart Allowance by visiting Humanservices.gov.au.


It is important to have all information to hand before you make a decision. The only way to do this would be to make an appointment with a Centrelink Financial Information Services officer, who will have access to all your personal and individual information. You can do this by calling 13 2300, or visiting your nearest Centrelink Office.