Centrelink closure and reporting dates for the summer

The festive season is approaching fast and that means there can be some changes to your Centrelink payments and reporting dates to account for the Christmas and New Year period.

This year Centrelink offices will be closed on Monday 27 December, Tuesday 28 December, Wednesday 29 December and Monday 3 January 2022.

Centrelink Online Services, Express Plus mobile apps and Phone Self Service will still be available and you can use these services to report on public holidays.

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You can still report your income to Centrelink on a public holiday. However, if you do report income to Centrelink on a public holiday you will be paid after the public holiday.

The dates on which you need to report to Centrelink will change during the holiday period, as noted in the new reporting dates in the tables below.

Centrelink will only pay you after you have reported your activities.

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If you report early during your assessment period, you must estimate your earnings or other changes for the full period. You can correct your estimate within 14 days, or when you next report.

If you want to be sure of your earnings or changes to your circumstances, you may be better off reporting after your normal date.

The reporting table below is for people who receive JobSeeker payments, Partner Allowance, Widow Allowance or Farm Household Allowance.

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The reporting table for people receiving the Age Pension and Disability Support Pension is:

If you do not need to report your employment income, Centrelink will pay you early.

Centrelink will not delay payments because of a public holiday, but may instead pay you earlier than normal.

An early payment is your normal payment, just paid early.

When you receive an early payment, you will be paid as close to your normal payment day as is possible.

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Written by Ben