Centrelink Denture Entitlements

I was wondering whether you could help me. Both my parents are pensioners. My dad is on the old age pension and my mother is in the process of Centrelink changing her from disability support pension to age pension.

My parent’s next door neighbour today told my mum that pensioners are entitled to $4,000.00 towards the cost of their dentures. Is this true? Could you please send me a reply at your earliest convenience as mum is in the process of getting new ones made.

Answer provided by Centrelink General Manager, Hank Jongen.
Thanks for your question Vesna. Centrelink is responsible for issuing Pensioner Concession Cards, which helps identify whether a person is in receipt of a pension. And while many people can access discounts on dentures and glasses because they are a Centrelink customer, those services are provided by State Governments. For information about whether you’re mother is eligible for money for her dentures, I’d recommend you contact your State Government.

Written by Debbie McTaggart