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Do I need to tell Centrelink that I’m going overseas?

Q. Do I need to tell Centrelink that I'm going overseas? I'm planning on taking an extended holiday

Grandparent benefits

In today's society grandparents may find themselves being the primary care-giver for their grandchildren.

Centrelink online services explained

Save yourself the long phone calls and queues by using Centrelink online services. Once you

Easier bill payment - Centrepay

Large bills can take the wind out your sails when they arrive unexpectedly in the post. Finding

Know your benefits

Making sure you are claiming the correct Centrelink benefits may put a few extra dollars in

Allocated pension withdrawals

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Frank would like to treat his wife to an overseas trip, funded by

Centrelink reporting

The recent flooding and storms have resulted in an increased number of calls to Centrelink and

Exempt income

With many older Australians struggling to make ends meet on an Age Pension, gifts from family members

Returning Australian residents

As you get older, moving back to Australia to be nearer loved ones may seem like the obvious choice.

Rent Assistance

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Don is about to move to an assisted living apartment and would like

Bonus payment woes

When is a bonus payment not a bonus? When it affects your Age Pension payment as YOURLifeChoices subscriber

Hit the road - How it will affect your Centrelink payments

A life on the open road beckons for YOURLifeChoices subscriber Johnson. But where does this leave

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