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How to check your eligibility for the $250 economic support payment

The first round of extra government payments announced in the budget should arrive soon.

Cutting the coronavirus supplement will push many to the brink

Expert modelling reveals hundreds of thousands set to go back below the poverty line.

Calls for robo-debt royal commission as class action is settled

Government settles class action against robo-debt for $1.2 billion.

Centrelink office wait times 30 per cent longer than 2015–16

Even though fewer Australians are visiting Centrelink, they are waiting longer.

Government announces Christmas cut to income support payments

JobSeeker coronavirus supplement to be extended into next year, but at a reduced rate.

Centrelink assets test waiver set to end next week. Are you still eligible?

The end of this scheme will create new challenges for anyone depending on payments.

For Australia to bounce back, these COVID measures should be made permanent

Some measures should stay or Australia may struggle to get out of this hole.

Demand for Centrelink causing millions in payments to be delayed

The Australian Lawyers Alliance says millions in compensation payments are being delayed.

Services Australia hits back at claims of slow COVID-19 wait times

Services Australia GM says performance ‘best it's been in five years'.

450 Centrelink call centre workers stood down after infection scare

COVID-19 call centre strife could cause Centrelink wait times to blow out.

Charities call for permanent increase to JobSeeker post-COVID

Organisations plead for a permanent increase to welfare payments.

Reports JobSeeker will rise are ‘factually incorrect’: Aston

Social services minister slams reports that unemployment payment will rise by $75 a week.

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