Centrelink News

No photo, no Age Pension?

Age pensioners may soon be required to have their faces scanned.

Report damns Centrelink systems

Centrelink's automated system "deliberately designed to make it hard for people".

Age Pension: 1 July 2018 changes

New Age Pension changes will take effect from 1 July 2018.

Centrelink to help scam victims

A new helpline for Centrelink welfare recipients will help thwart scams.

Subdivision plan comes unstuck

How should June proceed after making a mistake?

Pension thresholds from 20 March 2018

Changes to income and asset thresholds will take effect from 20 March 2018.

Concession card changes – March 2018

Which concession card works best?

33m Centrelink calls unanswered

Technology is the problem, not staffing, says agency.

Warning: save your Centrelink data

Changes to Centrelink's Express Plus mobile app will require PIN numbers.

Will my PCC be reinstated?

Rob wants to know if he'll have his Pensioner Concession Card reinstated.

Govt admits to incorrect debt notices

Turnbull Government admits to 20,000 incorrect robo-debt notices.

Are you eligible for a concession?

Which concession card works best?

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