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How the Government plans to fix Centrelink call wait times

How does the Government plan to reduce painfully long Centrelink call wait times?

Centrelink phone wait times worsen

Average wait times for Centrelink's business phone lines were nearly 27 minutes in January.

Commonwealth Ombudsman slams Centrelink robo-debt scheme

Customers treated unfairly, system lacks transparency, says Ombudsman.

Infographic: the truth behind Centrelink's waiting times

The time it takes to talk to a Centrelink operator is longer than the DHS suggests.

Minister Tudge wrongly releases personal Centrelink details

Legal guidelines used to justify the release of recipient's personal details were incorrect.

Increased Newstart income limits

Increased thresholds applied to the Newstart Allowance may mean you now qualify.

Centrelink reporting and payments

Altered reporting and payment dates.

Is an insurance payout an asset?

Paul's mother has just received an insurance payout and is unsure whether it will affect her

By how much will my pension be reduced?

Peter would like to know how additional income will affect his Age Pension

Centrelink concession card blunder

Not only are single parents due to have their Newstart Allowance cut, they have also been erroneously

Will I get a pension overseas?

Debbie McTaggart explains whether you are entitled to a pension when travelling or living overseas.

Transitional Age Pension rates

Peter is having trouble finding the rate of Age Pension paid to those on transitional arrangements.

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