Newstart Work Test

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Jennifer is actively seeking employment whilst receiving Newstart Allowance but has been advised this does not meet the activity test requirements.

Q. Jennifer

My husband and I are over 56 years of age and we have both been made redundant and are in receipt of the Centrelink New Start benefit. We are actively seeking employment but have been told by our Government Job Consultants that if we do not do a course or at least 15 hours volunteering work per week our Centrelink payments will be cut off. Is this information correct?


In order to continue receiving the Newstart allowance you must meet the activity test requirements for this payment. This includes being able to demonstrate that you are actively looking for paid employment. As you are doing this, you should still be able to claim the Newstart Allowance. Centrelink can suggest courses which you may be required to do in order to continue receiving your payment. Details of what is required under the activity test can be found in the Centrelink fact sheet. To view this fact sheet, click the YOURLifeChoices link to

Armed with this, I would make an appointment with you Government Job Consultant and ask for an explanation of how your job seeking activities do not meet the activity test requirements.

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