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YOURLifeChoices subscriber Don is about to move to an assisted living apartment and would like to know what Centrelink benefits are available to him.

Q. Don

I’m 81 years old, single, and about to go into a retirement village. I’m wondering what benefits are available via Centrelink in regards to assisted living apartments. I’m severely hard of hearing and cannot speak on the phone for information. I’m an aged pensioner.


If the assisted living apartment you are moving to is not government-funded then you may be eligible for rent assistance. The following Centrelink publications may provide you with more information:

About to retire or in retirement?

Help you pay your rent

As you are unable to call Centrelink, you may wish to pay a visit to your nearest office. You can find details by clicking here.

If you are unable to visit a Centrelink office then you may wish to nominate someone to act on your behalf. This will give someone you trust, such as a close family member, the authority to contact Centrelink and make enquiries for you. You can find out more by clicking here.

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