Centrelink reporting and payment arrangements

Due to the closure of Centrelink Customer Service Centres and call centres on Wednesday 25 April, your regular reporting and payment dates may have changed.

For those who are required to report earnings or return forms before receiving Centrelink payments, the following reporting deadlines apply:

Date forms and reporting usually due Dates forms can be returned and reports made
Tuesday 24 April Monday 23 April
Wednesday 25 April Tuesday 24 April
Thursday 26 April Thursday 26 April

Payment dates may change if your Centrelink payment falls on 25 April. Revised payment arrangements are:

Normal payment date Revised payment date Next normal payment date
Wednesday 25 April Tuesday 24 April Wednesday 9 May

If you are unsure about your reporting arrangements or payment date, you should contact a Centrelink Financial Information Services officer on 13 2300.