Centrelink reporting assets online

Ever wondered why you can't report assets to Centrelink online?

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YOURLifeChoices member Emmanuel has embraced Centrelink’s online services but is increasingly frustrated that he can’t report his assets via this system. Why? He asks.

Q. Emmanuel

I receive all correspondence from Centrelink online. For a while now, I have been trying to report assets etc online but I always seem to end up at a point where I can do everything else except report assets.

Being on hold by phone, or joining the queue at the local office doesn’t appeal. Why is this not possible?

A. The Human Services (Centrelink) online system is continually being upgraded to meet the needs of its end users. To this extent, it is intended that the online facility to advise of changes to income and assets will be available in March 2013. I hope this helps with your frustration.


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    8th May 2012
    I have been in the same predicament each month and apparently you can mail centrelink with your updates. Hope this helps. Heather
    8th May 2012
    Meanwhile, fax your information to your local CentreLink office. This has worked for me for over 5 years - no more phoning, trying to negotiate the website or wasting time to visit the office and que up at the counter.
    Pass the Ductape
    9th May 2012
    Oh... if I only had a fax machine and the means to utilize it!
    8th May 2012
    Email is a good option. I've done it several times and no probs.
    Pass the Ductape
    9th May 2012
    Perhaps it's just me - but I'm pleased to see that at least one or two people are having success contacting Centrelink - via any means!
    I am in the unfortunate position of not being able to connect to a telephone (land line service) and the other option, a mobile phone - whilst the service is only just adequate at best - is extremly expensive to use. Contacting Centrelink by phone is extremely frustrating at any time, due to the lack of staff manning this service and I cannot afford the mobile phone charges ($15 plus) while continuing to hang on for over half an hour waiting for service!
    I have tried this method of contacting Centrelink several times and eventually had to hang up in disgust.
    Contacting Centrelink via their website also has become a source of frustration. There has been no response to my emails - utilizing Centrelink's option to respond at a later time - on every occasion except one; that reply only in a laughable response to my eventual complaint that Centrelinks website did not seem to be working.
    When pushed to have ny original query investigated, I was informed that the the person I was speaking to, could only discuss the issue of my complaint concerning the website!
    I'm still waiting for Centrelink to contact me and I'm left with little option but to attend a Centrelink office, stand in a long queue to arrange an appointment to have my original query examined - a trek involving 180 kilometre round trip and a day wasted.
    9th May 2012
    I had a hilarious Centrelink experience the other week after my elderly neighbour had received a request for "urgent" information. After trying to phone them three times and being left in a queue, that never seemed to end, I suggested he write the information in a letter and as I was going past the Brookvale office I would drop it in.
    When I arrived there were at least 18 people in the line, stretching right to the door where there was a security guard. "I'm just leaving a letter" I said to him, "do you have a mailbox where I can drop it in." No, they don't have a mailbox, I would have to hand it in at reception - but I would have to wait my turn in the line. "Or", he said helpfully, "you could post it to us." Does that make sense when I am standing there on the premises?

    I left in disgust, went back a few hours later and while waiting in the (smaller) queue, managed to grab a passing staffer and hand the letter in.
    Pass the Ductape
    10th May 2012
    Unfortunately Judithottery, this type of thing whilst dealing with Centrelink is far to common these days and I think it's high time something was done about the inadequate contact methods employed by this service provider.
    It's almost as though it's a deliberate ploy to deter people from contacting them!
    I continually hear the CEO of Centrelink espousing the virtues of the Centrelink 'experience' but his rhetoric is rarely backed up with action.
    Pass the Ductape
    10th May 2012
    New development......
    I was informed by a friend who attended Centrelink a few days ago that arriving blind at the Centrelink office to speak to someone about a problem is not on! You have to stand in a queue and eventually speak to someone, who then makes an appointment for you to come back another time, to speak to someone else - or you can ring to make an appointment in the first instance - which only brings us back to square one. THEY WON"T ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE!!!!!
    10th May 2012
    I must have been lucky the day I had to go to centrelink,I was greeted at the door asked my name and waited 5 minutes.Mind you I was there half an hour before they opened,that seems to be the go.Sometimes it depends what office you go to.
    Pass the Ductape
    11th May 2012
    I suppose it might just be the particular Centrelink office I have to attend these days. The one I had to attend at Katherine in the NT provided a very good service.

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