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You can now see Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support payments and services in one convenient place,, but how will this change your dealings with these government agencies? has been created in response to customer feedback which outlined the need for easy-to-understand information, which helps you to access support. The new website uses plain language, with benefits and services grouped by common life situations. This makes it simple to see what other support may be available.

The senior services section of the site——includes information about planning your retirement and working past your pension age. You can also explore which payments may be available to you and read about Centrelink’s Financial Information Services. You may also be interested in information about caring for someone with an illness or disability, as well as concessions and health care cards.

If you have been using you will automatically be sent to information now held on—take a moment to change your bookmarks, as will shortly be removed.

If you want to give your feedback on the new site, you can complete a short survey—you’ll find a link at the bottom of every page on

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    I feel exhausted when just thinking about anything to do with Centrelink and my Pension. In my opinion, dealing with them will never improve until they institute a system of Case Managers, so that you can form a sort of relationship with a real person – just one – who gets to know your story and can interpret it and advise accordingly, and co-ordinate things with their specialists. The current system is just that, an impersonal system with no continuity and sometimes a lack of consistency. But hey! a system is supposed to serve the users, not the other way around.

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      I’m with you Eagleman45 – each time I have the need to approach Centrelink, I cringe! Despite the rhetoric, it always appears to me as though Centrelink’s main aim is to discourage people from ever contacting it.
      At seventy years of age, I have never, in my life, had to deal with any organisation – government or otherwise – that has left me with such feelings of angst and frustration.
      Dealing with Centrelink is a heart attack experience!

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    For a short while some years ago there was such a system, called ‘one main contact’ it worked beautifully, both the staff and the ‘customers’ loved it. (I used to work there, but don’t hold that against me, I was just a human being trapped in a system too!)

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    In order to get usable access to the centrelink/humanservices website you need 100 points of Id and as I understand it the same will apply soon to the offices.
    I also heard a rummour that the proposed new centrelink id cards will require 100 points of id when issued.
    But what if you do not have 100 points of Id? I don’t.
    I do not have a driving license/passport/goverment id or original birth certificate all my relatives and friends passed a way sometime ago.
    All I have a medicare care card, pension card and bank debit card.
    Does this mean when the system is upgraded I will become a non-person? Has Goerge Orwell’s 1984 finally arrived.

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      Defence Discharge Papers Australian Defence Force discharge papers, in your name/former name. 70
      Shooter or Firearm Licence Current shooter or firearm licence showing signature and/or photo and same name as claim. 70
      Cannot accept: minor or junior permit and/or licence.
      Security Licence Current security protection industry or crowd control licence, showing signature
      and/or photo and same name as claim. 70
      Bank/Financial Institution card, Current ATM, credit or debit card showing your name and signature. Statement or passbook from
      statement or passbook current savings or cheque account showing your name and same address (if applicable) as your claim.
      Cannot accept: cards issued by organisations other than banks, credit unions or building societies,
      ATM or internet receipts/statements or account documentation issued by banks/financial
      institutions outside Australia. 40
      Child’s Birth Certificate Australian birth certificate for a child showing your name as parent/guardian.
      Cannot accept: sibling’s certificate. 40
      Defence Force Identity Card Identity Card issued by the Australian Defence Force, showing same name as claim, and photo or signature. 40
      Australian Driver Licence – Current state or territory issued driver licence, learner permit or provisional licence showing
      Motor Vehicle signature and/or photo and same name as claim. 40
      Australian Divorce Papers Australian divorce papers in your name/former name (e.g. Decree Nisi, Decree Absolute). 40
      Educational Certificate Up to 3 school/education qualification certificates for different years in your
      name/former name (school/TAFE/university/Registered Training Organisation [RTO]). 40
      Australian Marriage Certificate Marriage certificate issued by a state or territory government agency.
      Cannot accept: church or celebrant issued certificates. 40
      Mortgage Papers Legally drawn mortgage papers for an Australian residence in your name/former name. 40
      Name Change Legal change of name certificate or deed poll certificate. 40
      Passport issued outside Australia Current passport issued by a country other than Australia, with a valid entry stamp or visa. 40
      Registration Certificate from Registration certificate from a national or state/territory professional registration board
      a Professional Board (e.g. doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, accountants). 40
      Trade Certificate Current Australian trade certificate in your name/former name. Must be signed by issuer or claimant. 40
      Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card Current Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card issued in your name. 40
      Reference from Indigenous Reference from an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander organisation showing referee’s full
      Organisation details and length of time they have known you. 20
      Educational Report or Up to 3 school/education reports or references, including enrolment confirmations for
      Reference different years or semesters, in your name/former name (school/TAFE/university/RTO). 20
      Student ID Card Current student ID card issued in your name with signature and/or photo (school/TAFE/university/RTO). 20
      PAYG Payment Summary PAYG payment summary, less than 2 years old, with tax file number.
      Cannot accept: Centrelink issued payment summaries. 20
      Insurance Renewal Current insurance renewal for house, contents, vehicle, boat, crop insurance in your
      name and showing same address as claim. 20
      Tenancy Agreement or Lease Current formal residential tenancy agreement or lease in your name and showing same
      address as claim. 20
      Medicare Card A current Medicare card showing your name. 20
      Motor Vehicle Registration Current motor vehicle registration showing your name, same address as claim and proof of payment. 20
      Documents issued outside Up to 3 documents issued by a country other than Australia (equivalent to Australian documents listed
      Australia of at least 20 points value), including lapsed foreign passports. 20
      Other Licence Up to 3 current Commonwealth, state or territory licence for coxswain, boat, aircraft etc.
      Must have your photo and/or signature and same address as claim (if applicable).
      Cannot accept: recreational fishing licence. 20
      Proof of Age Card Current proof of age or photo identity card issued by a government agency in your name
      with photo and/or signature. 20
      Rates Notice Paid rates notice in your name and showing same address as claim, less than 12 months old. 20
      Utility Account Up to 3 paid utility accounts (e.g. gas, water, electricity or phone) in your name
      and showing receipt number and same address as claim, less than 12 months old. 20
      Electoral Enrolment Proof of electoral enrolment card issued in your name and same address as claim. 10
      Other Financial Documents Up to 3 current financial documents, such as superannuation, shares, life insurance,
      credit card statement or managed investment documents issued in your name.
      Cannot accept: hire or lease agreement. 10
      Health Insurance Card Current health insurance card showing your name. 10
      Motoring Association Card Current membership card or documents issued in your name. 10
      Notice of Assessment Taxation notice of assessment in your name less than 2 years old. 10
      Employment Records Termination notice, separation certificate, report or reference from employer in your name.
      Cannot accept: payslips. 10

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      thanks hillbillypete
      but I have gone thru the offical list before when I tried to get my title deeds back off the public trustees.
      Debit card gives 40
      Medicare gives 20
      all my bills are paid automaticly so no receipts
      I could probably get 100+ thru medical professionals
      but to make 100 points for id you require at least one primary Id (70 pointer) and one must be a photo Id.
      So I am basicly a none person.

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    It would seem many have short memories. Department of Social Security did have Case Managers and there were numerous complaints that “My Case Manager isn’t in or available”. It is a no win situation either way. The customer will always have a complaint about something or other. I get sick of hearing the whining when I need to head into a Centrelink Office. If I can I do avoid it by using the telephone etc.



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