Clarifying pension entitlements

Understanding Centrelink entitlements has become difficult.

Understanding which Centrelink payments you may be entitled to may be difficult and YOURLifeChoices member, Patricia would like some clarification.

I am unsure of entitlements of aged pension. I have spoken to Centrelink, but I’m not much wiser.
I will be 64 in December 2012, my husband is 58 years of age and is a DFRDB recipient, approximately $18,000 per year. If I am eligible for a single pension he intends to cease working.
· Will I be eligible for a single pension in December 2012, or will we be classed as a “Couple”?
· We plan to sell our home and purchase a mobile home, it is also likely that we will have to purchase a relocatable home in a residential park for my mother to live in, will one or both of these affect the pension?

A. In response to your questions:
1. You will be classed and assessed on income and assets as part of a couple. For details of the current limits which apply, click YOURLifeChoices link to Centrelink asset test tables.

2. If you sell your home and do not intend to purchase another one, the proceeds will be considered an asset. If you purchase a motor home, this will be considered an exempt asset, but only for a period of twelve months. For more information, click YOURLifeChoices to Centrelink asset clarification.

The purchase of a relocatable home for your mother will be classed as an asset and you will be assessed as such. It may also affect your mother's pension eligibility.

It's unfortunate that you have not received the clear information which you require from Centrelink however, I do think it would be worthwhile to make an appointment to speak to a Centrelink Financial information Services officer and you can do so by calling 132300. Before you go, it may be worthwhile reading the information on 


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    Pass the Ductape
    5th Sep 2012
    I have found that Centrelink will never volunteer or offer advice on matters that will assist an idividual to get maximum benefit entitlements. This is something that the individual has to chase up for themselves, then pry out of Centrelink with a crowbar!
    6th Sep 2012
    Government Departments have never advertised or approached individuals (or businesses) to advise them of possible entitlements. This would be a mammoth undertaking. That said, I do believe that occasional TV ads on basic services could be helpful.

    At present, people are often depending on friends, neighbours, GP's, community groups, or the internet for information. The information provided from these sources can often be incomplete, incorrect, or downright misleading.

    Individual Government employees often do not advise of everything - for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are usually specialised in only one area and do not know everything which may be available to every person. Secondly, Governments keep changing what is available and the eligibility rules. Thirdly, they are not able to spend too much time with each person. Fourthly, if they try to provide more information, and they give unclear or incorrect information, they can cause financial or other problems to the person.

    There is no guaranteed foolproof way of getting comprehensive and correct information, but using various sources - and not believing everything you hear - is the way to go. Go to the official website (it may be boring and mainly innapropriate for you, but you may hit upon some gems).

    If you are not happy with what you are told by a Centrelink staff member, speak to another staff member to see if you get the same information. Do not make decisions based on what non-Centrelink people tell you.

    18th Nov 2012
    Centrelink Financial advisers tell you how to get the most from Centrelink, if you are retired, on an income stream, they work out the best deal for you...that's their job. I found them really good and they sent me figures in the mail, showing me what I can get each fortnight and how much penison I'd get.....they even advised me to only take an income stream that would allow me to get full pension.... SO I think it's unfair to say that Centrelink does not just need to speak to the correct people at Centrelink and they put you onto their financial adviser people. what you decide in the end is up to you.
    ex PS
    12th Aug 2016
    I have tried to get my head around the Aged Pension details several times and find it very hard to understand, I can't think why the government has not provided an assessment program that we can enter our details into for self assessment?
    I have been writing and deciphering government policy and procedures for years but the Aged Pension rules have me beaten.

    12th Aug 2016
    A debt of gratitude is in order for giving such an awesome article, it was brilliant and exceptionally informative.WOW! Extremely intriguing. Much thanks to you for this web journal

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