Concession Cards

Pensioner Concession Card, (PCC) also known as pensioner card or pension card, it is available to all pensioners to obtain concessions on prescription medicines and, in conjunction with the Medicare card, basic hospital and medical treatment. The PCC is issued to anyone receiving a pension and to those aged 60 and over who have been receiving an allowance for nine months or more.

The PCC will also allow you to get these Commonwealth concessions:

  • Telephone Allowance paid every three months with your pension if your phone at home is in your name or your partner’s name. The rate is reduced if one member of a couple is not a pensioner.
  • People registered with the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS) can get a range of Commonwealth-approved products at subsidised prices.
  • Free eyesight tests from optometrists who direct bill Medicare.
  • Hearing services through the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program.
  • Discount fares on Great Southern Railways Ltd.
  • State and Territory concessions vary for PCC holders but you should check these:

    • Reductions in property, water and sewerage rates paid to councils if you are a homeowner.
    • Reductions in gas and electricity bills.
    • Reductions in fares on public transport including some free travel within your State
    • Motor vehicle registration and driver’s licence may be free of charge.
    • Free ambulance service.

    For further information phone Centrelink on 132300 to obtain the publication, A Guide to Centrelink Concession Cards.

    The PCC also entitles holders to discounts from many private organisations and businesses. Just show your card and ask if a concession is available. For more on concession cards:
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    A Health Care Card for prescription medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is automatically issued to anyone on any form of allowance such as Newstart. Additional concessions may be offered to Low Income Health Care Card holders including health, household, educational, recreational and some transport concessions. These additional concessions, which are the responsibility of each State, Territory and Local Government and private organisations, vary widely within each State and Territory. Check your eligibility for a Health Care Card:
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    Commonwealth Seniors Health Card gives older Australians access to concessions on prescription medicines through the PBS and payment of the Telephone Allowance. Many self-funded retirees will be eligible for the CSHC. To be eligible you have to be of Age Pension age and with a taxable income under $50,000 for singles and $80,000 for couples or $100,000 for couples separated by illness. There is no asset test for the CSHC. War widows who do not hold a Pensioner Concession Card may be eligible for a CSHC. Contact Centrelink for an application form; veterans can apply at a Veterans’ Affairs office. More information:
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    Seniors Cards are issued by state and territory governments. There is no national seniors card. For more information on the seniors cards and state/territory contacts check our Seniors Card page.
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    War widows/widowers who are not in receipt of a service pension, income support supplement or age pension are eligible to receive a Transport Concession Card (TC1) if they live in New South Wales, Victoria (except World War 1 War widows/widowers) and Western Australia. The card provides travel concessions which are funded by the state.

Written by Debbie McTaggart