Do I need to report annual leave?

Elvira receives a pension and still works part time and wants to know how to report her upcoming annual leave.


Q. Elvira
I am 68 years of age and still working and getting paid a part pension. I would like to know if I have to submit annual leave and leave loading as an income to Centrelink? I would like to take 40 hours annual leave. I work permanent part time, approximately 35 hours per fortnight.

A. If you take leave from work you need to report how much of your income in the reporting period was:

  • paid leave
  • hours you worked, including any paid sick leave hours.

Even if you don’t have mutual obligation requirements, which won’t apply to you on the Age Pension, you still need to provide Centrelink with the above information.

You have 14 days to tell Centrelink about leave earnings at a different rate from your normal income.

You also need to inform Centrelink if your employer pays you for leave that you have built up but didn’t take time off for. Centrelink assesses this differently from other leave.

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