Grandparent benefits

In today’s society grandparents may find themselves being the primary care-giver for their grandchildren. As with any caring, there is a cost involved – as well as support available.

Knowing what you may be entitled to is vital if you are considering taking over the care of your grandchildren. There are several Centrelink benefits for which you can apply.

Family Tax Benefit Part A – this payment is assessed on the family’s income and is to help with the cost of raising a child.
Family Tax Benefit Part B – provides extra assistance to families, including sole parent families with one main income and is assessed on the family’s lowest earner
Child Care Benefit – is available to assist with the cost of childcare when using approved or registered childcare.
Child Care Tax Rebate – may be paid if you receive a Child Care benefit for approved care.
One-off Payments – in some cases, you may be eligible for Baby Bonus or Maternity Immunisation Allowance.
Health Care Cards – If you already hold a Pensioner Concession Card and are eligible for Family Tax benefit, the children in your care can be added to your card and be eligible to receive the same benefits, i.e. concession rate on prescription medicines.
Carer Allowance – this may also be paid if the child you are caring for has a disability
Carer Payment – may be paid if the child you are caring for has extremely high care needs.
Parenting Payment – is an income support payment available for children under 16 years of age.
Medicare Benefits – you are able to claim Medicare benefits for a child in your care, regardless of whether they are on your Medicare card or not.
Medicare Card – a child can be included on your Medicare card regardless of the reason you are caring for them.
Child Support – if you are an eligible carer and the child is in your care at least 30% of the time, you may be eligible for child support payment from the parents.

For more information on benefits and eligibility, contact Family Assistance Office at any Medicare office or call them on 136150

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