24th Jan 2011
Hit the road - How it will affect your Centrelink payments
Author: YourLifeChoices

A life on the open road beckons for YOURLifeChoices subscriber Johnson. But where does this leave him with his Centrelink payments?

Q. Johnson
I have a query which Centrelink doesn’t seem to be able to confirm, I keep getting different answers, what I wish to know is;
I currently receive the Age Pension. I am seriously considering selling my house and buying a small motor home and travelling around. If I do, would I still receive the Age Pension even though I would not have a permanent address? Also I have a partner, not yet at pension age, who currently works casual hours. Where would we stand if she were to give up her casual job, could she claim some form of benefits?

When travelling you are still able to claim the Age Pension but it is important that you keep Centrelink informed of your whereabouts should they need to contact you. However, you should note the following as these factors may have an impact on your Age Pension payments:
· If you sell your home, the proceeds from the sale will be counted as an exempt asset for a period of twelve months if you intend to purchase another home.
· Any interest received on the proceeds of this home will be subject to deeming under the income test.
· The motor home you purchase will be considered an asset.

For useful information and resources about spending time on the road, click here.

With regards to your partner, if she were to give up work she may be eligible for Newstart Allowance. However, the eligibility requirements of Newstart Allowance require the recipient to meet an activity test requirement, which she may find difficult while on the road. For more information, click here.

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