How much can you earn while receiving a carer’s payment?

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Today marks the beginning of National Carers’ Week and Kevin wants to know what the rules are regarding work and carers’ payments.


Q. Kevin
I understand you can work for up to 25 hours a week while caring. I am presently receiving a fortnightly payment for caring for my elderly mother in her home. My question is, if I were to get a paying job working less than the 25 hours as stipulated above, at what point does it affect my payments and to what degree? If I were to earn $450 per week gross for between 15 and 20 hours work, what reduction would there be to the payment? I am currently receiving $460 per week for caring. Any information would be appreciated.

A. The carer payment is subject to the same means testing as the Age Pension.

Exceeding the fortnightly income limit will see your payment reduced by 50 cents for every $1 over the limit, until you reach the disqualification limit.

If you are single, you can earn up to $174 per fortnight before your payment will be affected. For a couple combined you can earn up to $308 before your payment will be affected. Once you go over thee thresholds your payment will reduce by 50 cents for every $1 over the limit.

Once you earn over $2040.80 per fortnight as a single or $3122 as a couple combined, you will no longer be eligible for the payment.

To answer your question, if you were to earn $450 per week, you would still continue to receive a carer’s payment, but the amount you receive would be reduced.

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