Increased payments for carers

From 1 January 2014 the rate of payment for those who receive a Carer Allowance increased.

Increased payments for carers
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From 1 January 2014 the rate of payment for those who receive a Carer Allowance increased in line with the CPI, so how much extra will you receive?

More than half a million people who receive a Carer Allowance will have their payment increased by $2.80 a fortnight, lifting the basic rate of payment to $118.20 a fortnight. While only a small increase, it does keep the payment in line with the Consumer Price Index. Other payments have been increased as follows:

  • Youth Allowance has been increased by between $7.70 and $18.30 per fortnight
  • Those under age 21 receiving Disability Support Pension will get an increase of between $12.50 and $18.80 per fortnight
  • Austudy payments will increase by between $13.90 and $18.30

Personal income limits linked to some payments have also been increased. To find out more about indexation increases, visit the Department of Social Security


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    14th Jan 2014
    WOW! a whole $2.80 a fortnight, why bother.
    14th Jan 2014
    An obscene insult to carers and the cared for!!!$2.80 a fortnight---not even a decent cuppa!
    14th Jan 2014
    before i start i must point out that my super is indexed to the c.p.i. which will explain my anger at the government.
    really the government gets off scot free by using the c.p.i. as a measuring yardstick to adjust pensions.
    because the c.p.i. has items included in it that people rarely or only occasionally purchase.
    the true c.p.i. would be what you really need to live and should be restricted to say food, accommodation, electricity, gas, water, sewerage, council rates, health insurance, public transport.
    items such as cars, holidays, clothes, and the like are personal choices and whilst desirable are not true of the REAL need to survive.
    as for carers getting a lousy $2.40 extra per fortnight maybe there should be a national strike by carers and those who are being cared for are left at public hospitals.
    bet there would be a backflip then if the government was left to pay in FULL what it really cost to care for a person.
    and all the money offered to people to have kids is a no brainer as its one's personal choice to have kids.
    i won't say any more as i will get really angry.
    Tom Tank
    14th Jan 2014
    Perhaps politicians pay increases should be limited to CPI and see how they like it.
    14th Jan 2014
    the end of the world will come before the day politicians do anything about it.
    parliament hose must have more mirrors than the louvre in paris as they all say they will look into it.
    14th Jan 2014
    Caring for someone at home saves the government heaps of money, the care like myself, who cannot go on a holiday, if I do leave my husband who is on oxygen to go get scrips made up or a bit of food shopping, I have to just go there, no window shopping, I rely on public transport so this makes things even harder. He is on a diet where food has to be minced and liquids thickened, the cost of a 500g tin of thickener is $43.00, then finding food that he can eat and enjoy is not cheap. Along with a mobile commode chair, portable oxygen concentrator,walker to help him excise his muscles a little and wheel chair if needed, the cost has been very heavy on our savings. Both on aged pensions, we were lucky we did save a little for our twilight years but this was not how we had intended spending it. Yes I get the carers allowance but it is only a drop in the bucket towards the person being cared for and the extras you need to buy.'
    $118.20 A FORTNIGHT DOES NOT COVER IT. It is not a payment to the carer it is an allowance to help cover extra expenses, the carer does not get payed to care.
    15th Jan 2014
    I am gobsmacked! Won't even buy them a well earned cuppa coffee if that's IF they are able to get out of the house! Caring is a round the clock job and is exhausting. Many do it with a smile but what is there for them? More assistance is needed for these incredible selfless people and we all know them!
    15th Jan 2014
    we can thank our lacklustre pollies for this debacle.
    before an election we hear them say "we want to work for the people" blah blah blah.
    "i am in it to "serve" the people.
    hypocrites the lot.
    and the salaries, superannuation and assorted perks they get it is no wonder they live in a castle and are blind to the real world.
    these blinkered people should have the fortitude to go and visit the likes of marg5au.
    17th Jan 2014
    Wow a whole $1.40 per week, that won't even buy a loaf of bread or a carton of milk, how lucky I feel. Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott and the rest of all government parties, I pray are never placed in the position where they have to care for a loved one. Oh thats okay they come from families that gave them so many advantages that the rest of us probbaly didn't have. My family where hard physical workers, and died younger than they probably should have as a result, Unfortunatley 2 my children were born with medical problems that could not have been forseen and as a result I have become their carer. I can only work casual as no one wants to employ someone like me full time as I am too much of a risk, if I need to take time to care for my kids, but everyone says put your family first, thats all well and good but who pays the bills if I don't work. The only assistance I get from the Government if this pitance of an allowance.

    Unlike the government my family as many others, can balance there family budgets very tightly and manage to survive (sometimes just) but we know how to tighten our belts when we need to, (we don't change our toilet seats until they are worn out, not every time we change parties), I would like to see the governments do the same for a change.

    Why do we treat our disabled and elderly sOOOOOOOOO bad when they have done so much for this country.

    The young people of this country have yet to prove themselves in many ways but yet we keep giving them hand out after hand out, parents (many who have never worked at all) get assistance to cover schooling costs, etc. instead of encouraging them to get off there arses and get a job and support their own children.

    Too many excuses have been made for many people on social security payments and all we are doing is encouraging yet another generation of bludgers.

    Why are we paying people on good incomes to stay at home and have children????????? They have good incomes, save for the time off, like the rest of us had to , or go without the luxuries for awhile, what is more important? having a family or having the luxuries. Why are the values so different today than 50 years ago, when did having everything take over from raising a family honestly and with dignity.

    Thank you for the $1.40 but I will continue to try and keep working while I can so that I can keep my head up and medication and food for my family.

    I hope the ministers all enjoy their next cuppa because with the cost from 1 cup a day, that alone they may have been able to afford $1.00 extra to the people who truly save them millions each year.

    I know that none of them will ever really care, but I needed to get that off my chest.
    17th Feb 2014
    That small increase is an absolute insult! Carers often are on call 24/7 for a loved one in their own home and often suffer terribly themselves. Not able to go out meet friends even for a short time. Attending to all the household duties plus comfort and care of a ill partner. This affects men as well as women who are the carer of a spouse or sibling. This is a menial amount and wouldn't even be enough for fuel for the car, food, medial bills, household bills, home/car insurances, etc etc. This is an insult...A lowly amount!!
    17th Feb 2014
    perhaps we need a national day of protest.
    with the connivance of the person you care for deposit them at outside m.p. offices.
    and LET THEM DEAL with the problem.

    all we need is an organiser of this protest.
    otherwise all you will get is the usual rhetoric, "we are looking into it" or "we have plans".
    ah humbug is all they can come up with.
    18th Mar 2014
    The people who complain the carers allowance is an allowance. You are already getting another pension. If not change to the Carers pension. I never think one needs to get paid for looking after a loved one. I consider it a duty.
    13th Apr 2014
    Day its your choice to have your say but when its stopped me from from my paid work i think thats what most are saying when you have gone from a wage to this amount really it a disgusting.
    13th Apr 2014
    Well im totally gobsmacked i care for my partner ive had to get a second car just a cheapy run around which is cheaper to run in fuel the amount we get is wrong, i was a pca worker and the pay was alot better than this this is 24/7 job and its hard to be able to have a break at all because you feel guilty for having 1 day off im sure there is a lot of different people with a lot of stories to tell im so glad i found this web site to read .The government need to have a good hard look at the families that take care of there love ones at home and need to increase more money he hasnt got any super to help him and i certainly dont when its my time to retire so the government can look at that

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