Missing Centrelink statements

Charlie has stopped receiving his Centrelink statements in the mail and wants to know why

It seems that everything is going digital and moving online, but not everyone is happy about this. YOURLifeChoices member Charlie has stopped receiving his Centrelink statements in the mail and wants to know why.

Q. Charlie
I haven’t been receiving statements from Centrelink for a wile now and someone told me this is because they’re now online. This is all well and good for those who have access to the internet, but doesn’t help people like me who want a paper copy of important documents. I know the world has moved online in an effort to save paper, but what about those who aren’t quite ready for this?

A. Many Government departments have online portals through which customers can receive information, such as statements. This is not only to cut down on what is sent by post, but it also ensures that information is as up-to-date as can be, Often, by the time a statement is received by post, it is out of date.

You can find out more about Centrelink Online Services, including how to register and watch a demonstration by reading YOURLifeChoices article, Centrelink online services explained. 

You can also request that statements still be sent in the mail. You can request a hard copy each time you want one by calling 132 468, or at any Centrelink Service Centre.


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    11th Dec 2012
    Um, Charlie, you're using the internet to ask the question (assuming this is genuine question via Life Choices), so going on line for statements shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
    11th Dec 2012
    some people like to have paper copies and may not have a printer, but if on a pension and nothing changes then why store paper letters with the same info
    13th Dec 2012
    Hi there, I'm Marian, I work in a team at the Department of Human Services that responds to enquiries about Centrelink on social media sites. I just wanted to add that you can request to have your statements posted to you at no charge. You should contact Centrelink to discuss this.

    Hope that helps.
    Sweet pea
    16th Dec 2012
    I wanted to advise Centrelink back in July of a change in my personal details. After searching and searching and clicking wherever the screen told me, still no way. I tried the phone several times,but tired of waiting so decided to lay it out on paper and hand it in. The day I decided to go to local office, the entire suburb must have had the same idea because the line was outside on the pavement. Being disabled and unable to stand for that length of time, walked to the front where a young female with clipboard was standing. I said, "excuse me, can I just hand this self explanatory letter in?" She turned to me and said, "sorry madam, you have to wait in line". I said "I am nearly 80 and can't stand too long; I don't need to see anyone either" with that she ignored me to speak to the next in line. I went home, gathered up all copies I had made regarding their phone system, their rude staff along with copies of every online email I have sent them to advise my increase in money. I was advised to send all that to Canberra which I did. At the same time, I requested a copy of tax statement. Couldn't print one out as printer decided it wouldn't work either! Since that time, I have made 7 calls to Centerlink requesting a copy and each time I'm told it would be sent out immediately. It has now been nearly 6 months, I have never received an acknowledgement from Canberra nor have I received tax statement. I rest my case.
    17th Dec 2012
    Hi Jackie - it may be that you haven't received the tax payment summary due to your address details being incorrect. I can see how this is very frustrating, and am sorry that you've received bad service. Online Services might solve your problem. You can update your personal details and complete a lot of your business online. There's more info here: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/centrelink-online-services

    The phone lines can get very busy, the best time of day to call is just after 8am.

    Also, I'm not sure which address you're emailing, but you can make complaints and provide feedback via customer relations here: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/information/feedback-complaints

    All the best.
    Sweet pea
    19th Dec 2012
    I thank you for your reply and I am not being rude, but I doubt if there is another senior out there who has read just about every link on the website. My address is checked every time I speak to someone. Also there isn't a link where one can change personal details regarding money. This link is only for those who want to change their address or marital status etc. last person I spoke to was Paul on 7 Dec who advised he would personally make a copy of tax statement and put it in the mail that day.
    20th Dec 2012
    Sorry to hear about this Jackie. If you email our boss Hank Jongen at hank@humanservices.gov.au (inculde your postcode and contact number) he'll ensure that your concerns are investigated.
    Sweet pea
    20th Dec 2012
    I appreciate your immediate response and I will contact Mr. Jorgensen thank you. I would like my appreciation passed on to Paul (ref.#107670 7Dec Qld)who assured me he would handle my request personally (as did all the previous staff) but Paul kept his word and I finally received the statement.

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