8th Oct 2015
Missing Seniors Supplement
Missing Seniors Supplement

Leia has noticed that her Seniors Supplement quarterly payment hasn’t reached her bank account in September and doesn’t understand why.

Q. Leia

I’m waiting on my quarterly Seniors Supplement hitting my bank account, but now that it’s well into October, I’m concerned something has happened to it. Is there a reason it hasn’t been paid?

A. The Seniors Supplement is no longer paid to holders of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, with the last payment being made June 2015. This is due to a change in legislation announced in 2014, but which took some time for the Government to pass.


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    13th Oct 2015
    Remember this at the next election and remember which party cut it.
    13th Oct 2015
    The LNP are heartless.
    Dont be fooled - Turnbull=Abbott (in a new suit).
    13th Oct 2015
    A Parrot for a Budgie ? Good Swap !! :-)
    13th Oct 2015
    keep watching,more pain for pensioners are coming
    13th Oct 2015
    Keating Warned You NOT TO VOTE for the SCUMBUCKETS !! :-( :-(
    13th Oct 2015
    And the rich get richer & the poor get poorer. Such an unequal society thanks to LNP government.Every perk available to the big end of town, while we barely scrape by
    13th Oct 2015
    At the next ELECTION please Remember just how much the LNP love our Seniors.

    So much love that the LNP want all Seniors to simply hurry and either starve, or freeze. Which method you choose in of no concern to them...
    Turnbull=Abbott in a new suit.

    13th Oct 2015
    Seems to be a lot of wingers here if you are relying on that supplement you are struggling you can always get a free hamper from the salvos or perhaps beg in the streets for some freebies
    13th Oct 2015
    It is time to cut back all unnecessary spending.

    The pension cuts, recently started and ongoing, claim to save billions for the government. Those billions will be money no longer in the wallets of retired pensioners.

    Then there will be the increasing rates, utilities, rising GST and possibly a land tax on the family home.

    The LNP,ALP and Greens all agreed to pass the Fair and Sustainable Pensions Act.

    Retirees are fair game it seems.
    14th Oct 2015
    "The LNP,ALP and Greens all agreed to pass the Fair and Sustainable Pensions Act."
    Except there was nothing ''fair'' about it, and it probably isn't sustainable when you consider that it so disadvantaged anyone who struggled to save a nest egg that hundreds of thousands will decide not to bother to put much away for old age. Many who found their income slashed by over $10,000 (plus the value of benefits lost) will go spend a hundred grand or two on a luxury cruise because they can gain $178000 over ten years for every $100,000 spent - far more than they can get from investing! And when you consider that many of those who will soon lose all pension benefits are stuck with assets they can't sell in the current climate and that are not returning income, it really makes sense for them to just dump them and claim pension benefits.

    When you get to the stage of needing aged care, make sure you have NOTHING! My mother is in care and is ''lucky'' enough to have saved a little and to have a small CommSuper pension in addition to her aged pension. After tax and aged pension reductions, Centrelink tells the Aged Care Home what they can take in fees. The total monthly fee greatly exceeds her total nett income for the month. Those who have only their aged pension and no savings get to keep 15% of their pension and get exactly the same care.

    Yes, retirees are fair game, and retirees who struggled to save for their old age are the prime target. With no rewards for saving and thus incentives to save demolished, the number of self-supporting is guaranteed to fall and the cost of supporting our aged folk can only increase, which will ultimately result in pensions being slashed. Nobody wins!
    13th Oct 2015
    This cut back had a fair amount of media coverage by outlets deemed left wing. However in Mr Murdoch's media outlets very little was mentioned. It is up to each individual to stay abreast with what the political parties are trying to do and what gets passed. That means listening and looking at a range of medias - both right and left. I often compare newspaper reports at out local library and I tell some friends who read the Melbourne Sun Herald that they live in a different world to me - we read The Age.
    13th Oct 2015
    It would appear that Robbo's comment indicates he is substantially better off than a lot of other people , so does he decline any pension or benefits if available ? These type of nasty comments should be censored out of this forum ,
    13th Oct 2015
    Yep ! I wonder if He's found the Bone He buried last week ? :-)
    14th Oct 2015
    No worked hard and probably could get some benefits if I tried but don"t like to be herded with pensioners they are called all sorts of nasty names and hey pixii you must be a pensioner but I can say what I like it is a free world no need for censorship.
    This is not a nasty comment only what I and many people think of pensioners. (bludgers and losers)
    14th Oct 2015
    Didn't realise this was a pensioner site. Thought it was for over 55s.I've known a few blokes who have worked into their 70s and had similar views as robbo in regard to Pensioners. mainly because many retired early then spent everything and went on the pension and then whinged about how hard done by they were treated. They seemed to forget it was a bit of self inflicted pain to be in the position they were in.
    14th Oct 2015
    Robbo, a lot of those bludgers and losers are the ones who worked upwards of 45/50 years for the advancement of this country and understood the social contract of work and taxes equal a pension at the end of your working life. Through circumstances some accumulated funds and others didn't. Super came in late for a lot of pensioners and they did not have time to accumulate much.

    Personally I think that people like you are either too young to comprehend the lifetime of work and taxes should entitle you to some govt social benefits or you have public service super. By the way I have been retired for six years, receive no pension, concessions or other govt benefits and most likely never will but do not begrudge pensions to those who were not as fortunate in their working life as me.
    14th Oct 2015
    I don't think being referred to as a pensioner is anywhere near as bad as bludgers , and I do still work and 70 my next birthday , the point at issue is taking away the allowance , I bet you and politicians would complain if you lost part or all of concessions or payments ,
    14th Oct 2015
    That is the point I don"t need to get hand outs from the Government as I worked hard 7 days a week when necessary didn"t spend it on pokies cigies or other luxuries.
    Not Senile Yet!
    14th Oct 2015
    Robbo...your comments expose you for the heartless person you are!
    Labelling and stuffing people into boxes or categories based on assumption from little or no facts seems to fit a closed mind with little or no empathy for others.
    A retired person whether on a Pension or not...whether rich or poor...is the Person who paid his dues and contributed...through taxes....in building everything we have in todays society from hospitals to roads, trains and planes and every Private Enterprise or Company owes their success .....growth.....to the retiring generation.
    Your lack of respect and judgement of individuals via labelling and name calling speaks volumes for your .......Me! Me! Me! personality!!!
    It is a ad indictment of your lack of Australians Values.....caring about others less fortunate......(looking after your mate)....and displays an ugly view of your lack of compassion!
    Here's hoping everyone else on this site sees you for who you are declaring yourself to be!
    As for Both Corrupt Parties and their Party Puppets....Time the Little Aussie Bludgers/Workers voted the lot of them out of Parliament completely!!!
    We need more Independants....more not unlike the Senator from Tasmania.......who are not scared to speak their mind and stand up to the big Parties.....who are just self feeding at the Taxpayers trough and not creating a better place for ALL!!!
    14th Oct 2015
    You are Senile if you think that idiot in that backwater Tassie (Im in the Army) is anygood she is nothing but a ferrell.
    We had two independents in called Windsor And Oakshot who kept the labour government in power and just about ruined the country
    14th Oct 2015
    Hey robbo: Perhaps take a few deep breaths .... through the nose and out through the mouth, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

    Calling pensioners 'bludgers and losers' is a bit harsh. The biggest 'losers' are those who have work hard, saved some money for their retirement and now find, due to the ever changing pension rules, that they have too 'much' to qualify for even a small part pension payment!!!!
    15th Oct 2015
    The pension is not a right it is for people who can"t pay there way and need a government handout.
    15th Oct 2015
    Get a life robbo not all people are as fortunate as you
    15th Oct 2015
    Not fortunate at all just worked hard and if I am entitled to get free money from the government I don"t want it I have my pride.

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