Top 10 Human Services websites

The Human Services website can be like a maze of information.

Top 10 Human Services websites

1. Age Pension
There are many factors which determine if you are eligible for a full or part Age Pension. Before making a claim, you can check if you meet the age and residency requirements and whether your income or assets may stop you from receiving any Centrelink benefits at all.

2. Work Bonus
Many Australians continue to work once they reach Age Pension age, either through choice or financial necessity. Claiming the Work Bonus can enable you to be eligible for a part or full Age Pension while still receiving an income from employment.

3. Carer support and payments
Caring for someone can physically and emotionally demanding. It can also be time-consuming and often results in carers being unable to work and therefore earn an income. There are payments and allowances available for those who qualify as carers, as well as practical support when needed.

4. Australians overseas
Older Australians may choose to spend the bulk of their retirement years overseas due to family connections or because the cost of living may be less than here in Australia. If this is not a permanent move, then many Centrelink payments can still be paid, but there are restrictions.

5. Living with a disability
For those who live with chronic illness, injury or a disability, getting the correct financial and practical support is critical. There is help available with health care and pharmaceutical needs, as well as assistance to get people back to work where possible

6. Concession cards
There are several different concession cards available from Centrelink and the Department of Veterans Affairs, but working out if you have the correct card and what it entitles you to, can be confusing. This clever guide details each concession card available, who is entitled to use them and the benefits which are attached to each.

7. Newstart Allowance
For many different reasons Australians sometimes have to give up work before they reach Age Pension age. With no income, it’s important to have something to fall back on. If you meet the activity-test requirements, which can include volunteering, then you may be able to claim the Newstart Allowance.

8. Seniors Supplement
If you do not qualify for an Age Pension because you exceed the income and asset test limits, you may still be eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. If this is the case then you may also be eligible for quarterly assistance with regular bills such as rates, vehicle registration and energy bills.

9. Pension Loan Scheme
The Pension Loan Scheme can allow access to capital tied up in assets for those who are of Age Pension age, but don’t qualify for an Age Pension due to income and assets.

10. Easy to understand information
There is a wealth of information available on, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand or relate to your own circumstances. YOURLifeChoices aims to simplify Centrelink benefits and payments and is always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also read our extensive Centrelink Q&A section to get the answer you need.


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