New Centrelink mobile app sign-in could erase your documents

Changes to Centrelink’s Express Plus mobile app will require PIN numbers.

Changes to the Centrelink Express Plus mobile app will prevent you from accessing your old data – unless you save it first.

The new Department of Human Services protocol will shortly require recipients to use their myGov login details in order to access the app.

If you don’t already have a myGov PIN number, you will need to create one. However, before you set up a PIN, it is vital that you save into your vault any documents you want to keep. Once you start using the myGov PIN to sign into the app you will no longer be able to access your old documents.

Centrelink says that if you are downloading Express Plus for the first time or to a new device, you should use your myGov login details and then create a PIN. Using a PIN will be the only way to access the Express Plus app soon.

No changes are being made to Express Plus Lite, Express Plus Medicare and Express Plus Child Support. Centrelink advises that:

  • if you’ve got a myGov account, make sure it’s linked to your Centrelink online account
  • if you don’t have a myGov account, create one – then link it to your Centrelink online account
  • importantly, save documents in your vault
  • finally, create a myGov PIN number.

Centrelink has not set a date by which the only way to access the app will be by using myGov, but it has said it will happen soon and recipients should not delay taking the above steps.

Have you used any of Centrelink’s mobile apps? Are Centrelink’s mobile apps helpful?



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    2nd Feb 2018
    Applied in paper form and made copies a few years ago; hardly ever have to go back to them these days but they are there should someone asks. Do not like being linked to every thing like banks and Govt. Departments.
    2nd Feb 2018
    Cowboy Jim, be aware that even if the documents are held in paper form (as mine are too) older documents don't always seem to have been transferred successfully when records were "computerised". Born in Sydney and a baby-boomer, my hard-copy of my original birth certificate (which I used to join the RAN, the Public Service, get a passport and establish bank accounts) was not recognised by Centrelink- twice! I had to have it confirmed by the A-Gs dept.
    Also my mother in law is 92 - and can't use a computer at all - how's she going to copy?

    2nd Feb 2018
    I have a HTC mobile phone, the same one for years, and when it dies I will be getting a phone without all the bells and whistles, all I need is to call and text. I am not doing ANY business of any sort with a phone unless it is a landline and I am talking to a real person!
    2nd Feb 2018
    I only recently got a smartphone, only because i could not get a normal phone to use on 4G which are not available in Australia. But I refuse to do anything personal on them and hardly use apps, only used the Birdwatch app so far which is great, but I still do all my other business on the internet. Still driving me crazy with the swipe thing, prefer buttons any day. And I agree talking to a real person gets the job done much better and you get the confirmation. Also keeps people in jobs so lets all support them.
    2nd Feb 2018
    No, I would never use the app, why do anything like this or banking on an app, I don't think it is safe enough.

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