When will you receive the one-off Energy Assistance Payment?

The one-off Energy Assistance Payment is due to hit bank accounts soon.

When will the energy payment be paid?

The one-off Energy Assistance Payment announced pre-Budget 2017/18 is due to hit bank accounts soon, but Michael would like to know exactly when he can expect it.

Q. Michael
Would you know when the government has scheduled to send us those $125 bonus payment, promised before winter?

A. Those who meet the following eligibility requirements will receive a one-off Energy Assistance Payment of $75 for singles and $62.50 for each eligible member of a couple to assist with energy costs. Recipients must:

  • be Australian residents
  • be receiving one of the following payments:

  • be receiving more than the nil rate of payment as at 20 June 2017.

    The one-off Energy Assistance Payment will be paid automatically in the week commencing 26 June 2017. This payment is not taxable and will not be counted as income.

    If you apply for one of the eligible payments on or before 20 June 2017 and are subsequently granted the payment, the one-off Energy Assistance Payment will be paid.

    People who are temporarily overseas and receiving one of the above payments on 20 June 2017 will receive the one-off Energy Assistance Payment.

    You do not need to claim the payment, it will automatically be paid to those eligible. If you believe you are due the payment but do not receive it by 30 June 2017, you should contact Centrelink on 13 2300.



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    21st Jun 2017
    no mention of carers
    21st Jun 2017
    Or self funded retirees. I don't think they realise that there is a huge group of working poor that get no assistance and that group is getting larger every year.
    21st Jun 2017
    They realise that, Rosret - they simply don't care - that kind of consideration is beneath their status as managers of a national economy and people. In their determination of the greater good, there will always be some broken eggs..... but they'll never be theirs, only someone else's.
    21st Jun 2017
    no mention of carers
    21st Jun 2017
    Why should there be?
    21st Jun 2017
    Those on full carer's pension will get it, surely. Those of us who receive carer's allowance will not....

    Mind you - $124 a fortnight doesn't cover the fuel bills for doctors runnings back and forth.
    21st Jun 2017
    Shame we wont get help with our bill... Nsa with pension card because of changes to DSP means hubby can't get it
    21st Jun 2017
    The last Old Age Pension payment for the financial year 2016-2017 is scheduled for 26 June 2017. Checked online with myGov/Centrelink and the $75 is not shown as a future payment so when exactly is this payment due to be credited to bank accounts?
    21st Jun 2017
    How you will get this payment
    You don't need to contact us or do anything. If you are eligible, we'll pay this automatically in to your account. You'll also get a letter.

    When we will pay you
    Your situation What will happen
    Residing in Australia on 20 June 2017 and currently on either:

    Age Pension
    Disability Support Pension, or
    Parenting Payment Single
    We'll pay between the 26 June and 30 June 2017. You don't need to contact us.
    21st Jun 2017
    does a couple use more power than a single ? hence double $'s
    Star Trekker
    21st Jun 2017
    It is not double, and yes they do.
    Usually I'm in bed reading before my hubby. I have the bedside lamp on and he is in the lounge watching TV with the heater going.
    22nd Jun 2017
    It's nearly double and bedside lights don't eat the power as heating does
    22nd Jun 2017
    Thats what I wondered Missmarple -- an extra $62 seems excessive -- with just one in the house it is much dearer than two, good luck to them but there is quite a lot that two can live as cheap as one -- NOT everything but a lot -- one still has to pay all the bill and upkeep the home and pay the rates on a single pension
    21st Jun 2017
    does a couple use more power than a single ? hence double $'s
    22nd Jun 2017
    If they have two or more TV sets and one of the spouse does a lot of cooking and laundry for dependents, if any, then probably a couple use more power than a single. Majority of the power consumption is heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.
    21st Jun 2017
    But the cares Penison do not get it and i dont understand why we are not geting the one off payment..
    21st Jun 2017
    Us OS Pensioners miss out again.
    We still have electric bills to pay!!!!!!
    23rd Jun 2017
    if you receive a pension from OS and none from Australia then hit that Government
    26th Jun 2017
    No mention of carers means that effectively, where the other half of the couple is on a disability pension, the couple only get $62.50 which is even less than the single payment. How can this be fair? (The partner on the disability pension is the only half of the couple eligible -- couple payment is $62.50 per eligible partner, not $125.00 per couple, so this was false information given out by the government). Not fair, not happy!
    28th Jun 2017
    Could not agree with you more NannyMac.
    This Government Cooperation is run by Prostitutes.
    7th Jul 2017
    Why did veterans affairs carers get the payment and not centrelink carers?
    6th Sep 2017
    I still haven't received the supplement to help with winter bills it is now sep 6

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