Dear Prime Minister…

We have a new, elected Prime Minister and we think we should help Mr Abbott get off on the right foot by letting him know it’s time to increase the Age Pension.

YOURLifeChoices member Ali has called for the Age Pension to be eight to 10 per cent of the Prime Minster’s wages and to be indexed to every increase that this position is awarded. Whilst it may be difficult to get any government to agree to this, YOURLifeChoices thinks that older Australians and the Age Pension should be top of the agenda for the incoming Prime Minister.

We want you to add your voice to our calls for a $30 per week increase in the Age Pension. This modest increase would raise the level of the Age Pension to that recommended by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) Retirement Standard to live a mere modest lifestyle – not comfortable, not luxurious but simply modest. Surely this isn’t too much to ask?

So, let’s start how we mean to continue during Mr Abbott’s leadership. We will be sending this letter on Monday and want to show the new government just how serious we are, so we’re asking you to add your signature, and your voice, to our call for action.

Sign YOURLifeChoices petition now to increase the Age Pension by $30 per week


Written by Debbie McTaggart