Supporting veterans

The Government has allocated additional funding for mental health programs for veterans.

Supporting veterans

Mental health is an issue for those returning from active service and the Government has responded with additional funding for mental health programs.

Expanded mental health programs

Mental health programs will be funded by $26.4 million on investment. Non-liability health cover will be extended for certain conditions and expanded access to the Veterans and Veterans’ Families Counselling service will also be available.

ANZAC Centenary

A further $25 million will be provided to help commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC, taking total Government funding to $140 million.


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    15th May 2013
    I am all for assisting the diggers who fight for the country, but were is the acknowledgment of the people who suffer from mental illness through no fault of their own (and I am not talking about the idiots who take drugs or drink themselves into a mental condition).
    Why do we in Australia seem to put more effort into the so called sports greats and celebraties but completly disregard those who work tireless within the community to assist the less fortunate or even our disabled
    15th May 2013
    Were is the $25 million or for that matter $140 million going, are we paying for diplomates to go to Anzac Cove? why does it cost so much to commemorate those fallen soldiers who so bravely fought for our country. Where on earth is this money going to please explain. If diplomats/politicians want to travel, then do it at your own expense, this would save so much money. Maybe the government should do like all of us and pay their own way first and then get a percentage back at tax time if they meet the criteria, this would save the Australian economy huge amounts each year. Just a thought, I think that the fallen diggers would be discussed that so much of the tax payers money is being squandered for this important day. Yes commemorate them but don't waste so much money doing it. Most of us donate our time on Anzac and attend services in their honour. Maybe the government should stay at home and honour them in the same way. Maybe a politician donating their own time would show how much they truly appreciated the sacrifices that so many families throughout Australia went through in the government's war. My family suffered terrible loses yet we don't need to go to Gallipoli every year, to be reminded of it.
    15th May 2013
    When taxes are being raised to pay for essential services I think that this is an extravagant waste of tax payer dollars. SHAME SHAME SHAME, when times get tough the the belt should tighten. The governments in Australia seem to be hell bent on wasting so much money, maybe some of the money should be cut from the overseas spending for donations to foreign countries, why are we helping others if we can not guarantee essential services to our own people

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