Best budget comments

The Federal Budget 2014 was greatly anticipated and it didn’t fail to deliver. YOURlifeChoices covered the topics which matter most to our members and there have been plenty of comments generated.

Not tough enough on people on welfare who do not need … child care not means tested … etc, they wimped it …

More pain when the states raise the GST to pay for the hospitals and schools now that the Feds have washed their hands of them. Schools will get $5 billion less and hospitals will get $15 billion less, so guess who is going to pay for this? Us taxpayers of course.

People would complain about a lot of things regardless of what Hockey said. In the past there have been posts on this site from the whingeing left blaming John Howard as the real the cause of our economic problems because he was too generous with his handouts and didn’t leave enough in kitty for the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd economic vandalism. Now those same people are going to complain because Hockey wants to take back a small part of it.

Swinging voter
I thought the LNP refused to raise the superannuation contribution from 9-12%. I thought super was on its way to phasing out the pension. I thought petrol was already too expensive and low-income Australians struggle to fill their tanks. I thought the doctor (now including pathology, x-rays) co-payment was to improve the budget but it’s going to medical research, who told us that before the election? Joe better enjoy his celebratory cigars because he won’t be doing another budget. People have long memories and the internet makes sure we don’t forget anything these days. I thought they would sensibly make haste slowly, skilfully repairing the budget over two terms with the support of a trusting public. Obviously I thought very wrong.

It was former British statesman Benjamin Disraeli who said “It’s fashionable for governments to create a crisis” – and that, of course, is precisely what this government just did to pre-sell their budget. Sadly, though, they have (unwittingly?) now sown the seeds for a REAL crisis: what do we think the under-30s without jobs and unemployment benefits are going to do? Some will bludge of their families and some will live on the streets. But I fear a great many will do what the poor do in other countries, ie turn to crime!

By forcing the states to take control of Health and Education, one has to wonder why we need you federal pollies at all. Hand all control back to the states and let them control their own revenues. Then they can fund all there own projects.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart