Increased PBS co-payments

Currently, standard patients pay a PBS co-payment of $36.90 and concessional patients pay $6 for medications which actually cost above the threshold. With this new budget the Government will increase the co-payments. From 1 January 2015 standard patients will pay $42.70 and concessional patients will pay $6.90.

Concessional patients

Standard patients

Current co-payment rates



New co-payment rates from 1 January 2015



The PBS Safety Net protects patients who need to purchase a high number of prescriptions each year. Once patients reach a set threshold, standard patients pay the reduced concessional rate, and concessional patients receive their prescriptions for free.

Currently, the PBS Safety Net threshold for standard patients is set to become $1452.50 in 2015. The Government plans to increase this to $1597.80, meaning standard patients will need to pay an extra $145.30 more to reach the PBS Safety Net threshold. This threshold will continue to increase by 10 per cent above inflation each year for a further three years.

The PBS Safety Net threshold for concessional patients will be 60 prescriptions in 2015. Under new arrangements this will be increased to 62 prescriptions in 2015, with a two-prescription increase each year for a further three years. This means that in 2015 a concessional patient will have to pay $61.80 more to reach the safety net.