What happens at the budget lock-up?

YOURLifeChoices is delighted to be included in this year’s Budget lock-up but what is it and why is it important?

Each year, a select few from Australia’s media are granted access to the House of Representatives to watch first hand as the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, delivers his budget speech. As the name suggests, those granted access are essentially “locked-up” so they can’t release the information to anyone on the outside before the Treasurer has made his speech.

This year, YOURLifeChoices’ very own Debbie and Kaye have the honour of experiencing the spectacle from the gallery of the House of Representatives as the action unfolds. And of course, will get advance access to the all important budget papers. By the time we’re online tomorrow, they will have digested all the information and will be ready to give a run-down of what it all means for YOURLifeChoices subscribers.

To find out more about the budget lock-up and what it entails, click here.