Federal Government

Human rights body expresses 'deep concerns' at India returnees ban

The new rules come under the Biosecurity Act.

Government appoints controversial new minister for government services

Linda Reynolds will take over as the minister for government services.

PM open to drug and alcohol testing to fix government culture problems

Ministers say a 'drier environment' in Parliament wouldn't be a bad thing.

‘Trumpism’ in Australia has been overstated

... our problems are mostly our own.

Federal treasurers slammed for ‘ignoring’ this group

Government taken to task over its blind spot in relation to the role of women in the economy.

Tax cuts doing their bit to ease the pandemic strain

Millions have more money in their pockets, thanks to government tax cuts.

How to transform our aged care mess into a system that puts older Australians first

Many older Australians are not getting the care and support they need.

‘Harmful law’: Coalition slammed for major financial overhaul

More than 100 groups have attacked the government's plan to axe safe lending laws.

Government considers pausing superannuation increases

The government has released the findings from the Retirement Income Review at long last.

Government extends COVID-19 support for older Australians

Older Australians Support Line expanded and extended through June 2021.

One Nation accused of throwing older workers under a bus

Government's controversial JobMaker legislation passes, putting older workers at risk.

Banking royal commission victims urge Treasurer to keep responsible lending laws

Witnesses who appeared at the banking royal commission join forces to plead with Treasurer Josh

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