Are you enrolled to vote?

Now is the time to check if your electoral information is up to date.

Are you enrolled to vote?

With the anticipated date of the Federal Election only a few weeks away, now is the time to check if your electoral information is up to date.

When you move home updating your address on the electoral roll can slip your mind. Only when an election is announced do you start to wonder if you’re registered to vote. Checking your status on the electoral roll or updating your details only takes a couple of minutes and can be done online.

If you’re unsure of your electorate, you can also check this online.

For more information, visit the Australian Electoral Commission


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    31st Jul 2013
    They keep telling us our vote is valuable, but I fail to see how. Voting is compulsory, then there's preferences which sway the balance so unless you know where preferences go, you're just as likely to elect the party you don't want to vote for. Also what percentage of votes are "sequential donkeys", where people number from the top down as they're not really interested in which wingnut party drags the country through the dirt or who leads the party. Unfortunately our politicians view of Australia's future is at odds with our "vision splendid" of the Australia we know and love. They can't even manage health, education, roads, law n order, safety etc. I also wonder if giving local Councils recognition under the Constitution is a first move in the abolition of money wasting, duplicitous State Governments, that way the whole country would have common laws, road rules, taxes, wages etc.

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